Devil's Hunt Gets A September Release Date For PC; Switch Version Announced

Console versions to arrive in 2020.
Devil’s Hunt gets dated for a September 17 PC release.
Devil’s Hunt gets dated for a September 17 PC release. 1C Entertainment

A brutal third-person action game will be coming to PC gamers soon in the form of Devil’s Hunt, a project by developer studio Layopi Games with publisher 1C Entertainment.

Devil’s Hunt is based on the original novel by Paweł Leśniak, titled Equilibrium. The action game follows the everlasting fight between history’s oldest forces: good and evil, light and darkness. You are Desmond, a son of a rich entrepreneur submerged in the midst of this chaos and the sole factor that can tip the scales in the favor of either the forces of good or evil. The reason for his pivotal role is because of the unfortunate events that led Desmond to lose most of his humanity, resulting in him gaining demonic powers and de facto status as hell’s executor. Now torn between his allegiances, he must choose from either his human nature or give in to his newfound demonic tendencies.

The game, with its hack and slash gameplay and action trailer, is reminiscent of the Devil May Cry series, the God of War franchise, and even the protagonist gives off vibes similar to Alex Mercer’s from Prototype. Although it is said that Devil’s Hunt will be a story driven title, we can’t help but think otherwise based on its gore-filled and button-mashing gameplay. But who says that hack and slash games can’t have good storylines?

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch copies were originally slated to be released along with the PC version, but have been moved to early 2020. The reason for this was Layopi Games thought that its PC version should deserve their utmost attention so that its debut may translate to successful launch. The developer stated this decision was made, “in order to ensure the game’s PC debut has the polish and commitment to quality befitting an extravagant third person action game where players fight their way through Hell, Jerusalem, and… Miami?”

The adventure of the half human and half demon in Devil’s Hunt will be slashing its way soon on the PC via Steam on September 17. The console versions, including the recently announced Switch port, will be releasing sometime in 2020.

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