Developers And Publishers Claim That Google Isn't Paying Enough For Their Games

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One of the biggest reasons why Google Stadia hasn't been a success is due to its lack of games. And the reason behind this lack of a game library is because Google isn't willing to pay developers and publishers enough to bring their games to the streaming platform.

A Business Insider report stated that many developers have said that the main reason they have stayed away from Google Stadia is because of the unacceptable financial incentive Google is offering in exchange for hosting their games on the platform. Another executive from a video game publishing company said that the amount of money Google was offering was very low, and that it was not even worth the conversation.

An indie developer also voiced his thoughts by saying that other companies like Microsoft and Epic are very straightforward when it comes to financial incentives, but Google Stadia's incentive were "...kind of non-existent."

Talking about the current games on Google Stadia, the game streaming service currently has only 28 playable games. The company has promised that it will be adding over 100 games this year to the platform.

Given this report from Business Insider, it seems that developers and game publishers aren't confident about shaking their hands with Google for the Stadia partnership. Additionally, some developers also expressed how they were concerned about Google Stadia's future, which doesn't seem very bright despite Google being quite confident about running this service long-term.

Ever since Google Stadia was announced, it has had a tough time convincing gamers to give this service a shot. Since November 2019, the platform has been plagued with issues like lack of games, issues with pre-orders, and older games being uploaded to the service.

Even though Google has said that big titles like Doom Eternal and Cyberpunk 2077 are planned to come to the service, it still seems that the road ahead for Google Stadia seems very shaky.

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