Destiny 2's Year 4 Teaser Coming Soon

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Bungie’s next big update for Destiny 2 will be unveiled on June 9. Bungie provided a 15-second visual teaser on Instagram. The teaser shows Eris Morn travelling through a frosty mountain range during harsh climate conditions.

There are some speculations as to why Eris Morn is travelling on Europa. It is one of Jupiter’s moons, which is composed of water ice and has myriad cracks. This will be a huge update for the game since it has been a very long time since Bungie added in a new moon/planet.

The teaser also dropped another vital piece of information for guardians: “The next chapter of Destiny 2 is almost here. Tune in for the unveiling at 6 pm CEST on June 9.” The livestream will go up one hour before season 11 goes live on the main server.

“If you are familiar with the rituals and cycles that mark a year in the life of a Guardian, you must be curious as to when we'll begin a conversation about what is next,” Bungie stated in a recent article on its site. “We can't put a date on that just yet, but we will very soon. That's a promise. We know you're hungry for that news and we're just as eager to deliver it.”

Eris Morn’s presence in the new teaser signifies that the next season will revolve around the theme of darkness. This will bring an important piece back to the storyline, fitting in with the Vex Invasion and Ghosts of our Past missions from Shadowkeep. Some users have also speculated that Morn is using the same hand from when she touched the mysterious veiled statue during the end of Shadowkeep. The energy seems to be flowing through the same hand, signifying it to be a recent event.

So, what are your thoughts on Bungie’s new plans for year four of Destiny 2? Do you think the game is going in the right direction, or do you think Bungie will mess up the coming expansion? Personally, I think it’s going to be an amazing journey if the developers plan on adding a new moon to the map. Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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