Destiny 2: Renewal Grasps and Titan Barricade Heavily Nerfed in Hotfix

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Bungie has unleashed some heavy-handed nerfs to Renewal Grasps and Titan Barricade in the latest update for Destiny 2. Hotfix also implemented some bug fixes.

Renewal Grasps is an exotic armor piece that has the “Depths of Duskfield” perk. This perk enhances the Duskfield Grenade by increasing its area of effect. Not only that but allies inside the Duskfield take reduced damage as well.

Having said that, Hotfix nerfed Renewal Grasps significantly. First, equipping this exotic armor piece now increases the base cooldown of Duskfield Grenade to a whopping 152 seconds, from just 62 seconds previously. What’s more, the outgoing damage penalty applied to players affected by the enhanced Duskfield Grenade has been reduced to 20% in PvP. Although damage remains unchanged against PvE targets, this is pretty huge for players who love using the Duskfield Grenade in the Crucible or Iron Banner.

Void Aspects are part of the Void 3.0 rework introduced in The Witch Queen expansion. That said, Titans who have the Bastion Void Aspect equipped have their Barricade’s base cooldown increased to 82 seconds, up from 53 seconds. Having to wait that long to regenerate the overshield is a pain, especially in PvP.


  • Fixed an issue where killing a Hive Ghost was granting more than one revive token in activities
  • Fixed an issue where Grandmaster The Lightblade and Birthplace of the Vile were not contributing to the Total Conquest Triumph
  • Fixed an issue allowing players to exit the play area on Eternity
  • Fixed an issue where killing the Envoys would not drop the Primeval’s shield
  • Fixed an issue where the Primeval would not appear after banking 100 Motes
  • Synthoceps
    • Fixed an issue where the Biotic Enhancements perk prevented shattering an encased player with an uncharged melee
  • Fixed an issue where The Summoner Auto Rifle on Saint-14’s rank reputation rewards is missing a Masterwork
  • The Offensive Bulwark Void Aspect now grants 60% less bonus grenade energy regeneration in PvP game modes
  • Skip Grenade impact damage reduced from 8 to 4. Skip Grenade tracking strength now begins to decrease after 1 second, down to 50% strength after 3 seconds
  • Axion Bolt base cooldown increased from 91 seconds to 152 seconds
  • Whisper of Chains now provides 15% bonus damage resistance against players when near a Stasis crystal, down from 25%
    • Unchanged vs. PvE targets

What can you say about the nerfs to Renewal Grasps and Titan Barricade?

Destiny 2 Hotfix is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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