Destiny 2: Nerfs Coming To One-Eyed Mask and Recluse Weapons

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Destiny 2 Nerf
Destiny 2 Nerf

When nerfing Destiny 2’s Dawnblade and Striker subclasses, Bungie also announced that it would soon be nerfing the overpowered One-Eyed Mask in the future. Today, the developer announced that the nerf to OEM will arrive with the start of the Season of Dawn on December 10. The nerf will remove One-Eyed Mask’s overshield gain upon defeating enemies.

One-Eyed Mask is fun to play with in the PvE modes, but can be extremely painful to deal with in Crucible, where winning a duel immediately gives the player a full-health overshield, health generation, and damage buff. Of course, the helmet was overpowered and thanks to Bungie for paying attention.

When Bungie announced the incoming nerf through a Reddit post, the community insisted that the developer could have done more to balance the game. Players pointed out one of the annoying issues they have with the OEM, which allows players to temporarily see an enemy through objects upon being shot at.

The nerf to OEM is not the only change coming. The Recluse SMG is also undergoing a nerf, reducing the effect of the precision damage modifier. Post nerf, the Recluse will continue to get the damage bonus from the Master of Arms, but the damage will not default to precision damage when the perk activates.

Additionally, Xenophage is going to be receiving a buff with the PvE damage of the weapon being increased by +50%. Bungie has stated that the Xenophage was unintentionally pushed live while the gun was still weak, which is why the machine gun is receiving a balancing buff.

The two nerfs and the Xenophage buff will go live with the next season on December 10. Bungie has also stated that additional patch notes and quality of life changes will be revealed in the following weeks.

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