Destiny 2 The Lie Quest Is Broken, But A Fix Is Coming Soon

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Destiny 2 The Lie Quest
Destiny 2 The Lie Quest forbes

Bungie’s weekly reset on May 12 brought a new quest to Destiny 2 called The Lie. The quest started out as a huge community event. Now that the event has been completed, players need to all work together to complete 9,000,000 Seraph Tower events, then every player must manage to rack up 1,000 kills with shotguns.

Unfortunately, the quest has a small issue where it doesn’t allow you to progress until the end. When you reach the final part of The Lie you will reach Rasputin's bunker on the Moon and activate a quest called The Tyrant. Many players speculate this quest was a puzzle similar to Corridors of Time, but because the quest is bugged, there is no way of telling if there is more to the quest. Bungie will release a hotfix on May 21 for this bug.

Dmg4, a community manager at Bungie, tweeted out that “if you're respawned at Eris when interacting with the Lie quest node on the Moon, you're in a bugged state. Will investigate first thing in the morning, and get you updates asap. If you're getting through this step without issue, let us know.”

According to data miners, completing the quest will give you the Felwinter's Lie, which is a shotgun returning from the first Destiny. The quest also brings in more content to the Destiny 2 lore, mainly revolving around Rasputin, the Warmind known to have faced The Darkness and survived. The quest seems to link up with the storyline of Rasputin from Destiny.

The most surprising part about the release of the patch is that Bungie’s staff is fixing the issue within a few days. With social distancing and employees working from home, fixing bugs is a very big task. But the developers seem to be doing really well and are listening to the community during this pandemic.

So, what are your thoughts on Bungie’s determination to fix bugs quickly even though they are separated at this time? Do you think there will be more steps for this quest? What do you think will be the endgame for The Lie? Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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