Destiny 2: Curse Of Osiris Revealed At Paris Games Week

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The first trailer for Destiny 2: Curse Of Osiris debuted during Paris Games Week, one of many to be included in Sony’s media showcase on the first day. We didn’t learn much about the DLC that we didn’t already know; however, the Curse of Osiris does include an early look at some new people, places and things we’ll see when the first Destiny 2 expansion arrives in December.

Curse of Osiris will focus heavily on the time-space continuum, as do most of the stories and side activities involving the Vex. Players will return to the Lighthouse, a destination on Mercury only accessible with a perfect (9-0) Trials of Osiris performance in Destiny 1 , and fight legions of Vex soldiers (including what appear to be new elite units) from the past, present and future. The once-missing warlock Osiris -- who hasn’t actually been seen in Destiny up to this point -- will also play a major role in Destiny 2’s ongoing narrative. It isn’t known if he’ll be a worthy ally for mankind, or if the long-departed warlock is pursuing his own specific goals.

Destiny 2 - Mercury
Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris Photo: Activision / Bungie

Additional details on the game’s first expansion are still scarce. It’s not clear if players should expect to see a new raid in the first Destiny 2 expansion or if we’ll be waiting a bit longer for another top-tier challenge. We also don’t know how large the Lighthouse, and any associated zones, will be in Destiny 2 . The abandoned facility wasn’t much more than a social space in the first game, so it’s hard to imagine the site stretched out to the size of the average patrol zone. But it’s possible we’ll have access to other parts of Mercury when Curse of Osiris debuts.

For an early look at Destiny 2: Curse Of Osiris , check out the announcement trailer that debuted during Sony’s Paris Games Week presentation (embedded up top). Then hit the comments and let us know if you’re buying the first Destiny 2 expansion or waiting for Bungie to make structural changes to its latest shared-world shooter before investing in it any further.

Destiny 2 is currently available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game’s first expansion, Curse of Osiris , debuts Dec. 5.

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