Derail Valley Build 84 Patch Notes: Vive Cosmos Support Added

Derail Valley Update
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Altfuture, the developer of Derail Valley, has just released a new update that improves on visuals, includes world updates, and adds official support for HTC Vive. The developers have improved the rendering of terrain and remade some terrain textures to make it look visually stunning. The developers have also added in some changes to the game such as locomotive map blips, map tweaks, and even removed loading alerts.

Derail Valley Build 84 Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:

Full Changelog:


  • Revamped graphics rendering of terrains
    • Greatly improved rendering quality of distant terrain textures
    • Remade some terrain textures
  • Improved overall lighting
  • Improved post processing
    • No longer increases overall game brightness
    • Creates a better looking HDR effect
    • Better illuminates dark spaces
  • Fixed tileable asphalt texture appearing blurry


  • Added support for HTC Vive Cosmos headsets and controllers
  • Fixed a bug where grab key would move to trigger when operating brake hoses
  • Fixed falling off a locomotive when leaning out the window in VR
  • Fixed inventory tooltip text jittering when on a moving train

Career & Jobs:

  • Revamped the fee tracking system
    • Paying fees for jobs no longer requires discarding or completing them
    • Reaching copay now always clears all the fees
    • Having fees under $5k will no longer prevent the player from taking new jobs
    • The player can’t take new jobs if having 8+ fees (or if hoarding money as before)
    • Updated fee booklet design (simplified texts, layout)
  • Increased job deletion distance in all stations (can go further without jobs being reset)
  • Added a Career Manager machine to Military Base
  • Fixed a rare bug that could result in jobs requiring more space than there is
  • Fixed a bug where cargo damage in a shunting job could display a faulty, negative value
  • Fixed an ultra rare edge case where fee payment could be higher than copay


  • Temporarily fixed DE6 often derailing the first car behind
  • Forced a DE6 to always spawn at HB roundhouse
  • Forced a SH282 to always spawn at IMW turntable

World & Tracks:

  • Added green crops
  • Straightened many tight turns and sections
  • Moved depot in CSW to loosen track curve on approach
  • Fixed track kinks at IMW and IME
  • Fixed the tight turn between B and C yards in SW
  • Improved the tight turn in CM loading track, less jerky
  • Fixed residential buildings having no smoothness texture (reflectivity)
  • Fixed beige cars in stations being invisible
  • Potentially fixed passenger platform being too close to tracks in HB
  • Potentially fixed trains clipping depot doorway in OWN
  • Potentially fixed GF and CSW storage tracks not being used due to lower clearance tolerance
  • Removed some trees from the tracks in stations (HB, MF, CSW…)
  • Updated TC2 so that quarry paints rock texture
  • Fixed CSW crane being messed up


  • Fixed aiming at junction signs being imprecise
  • Removed loading alerts (can be enabled via debug.LoadingAlertsToggle console command)
  • In nonVR tutorial a prompt will teach player how to sit (X key)
  • If player leaves the tutorial area with brakes on, a popup will warn them
  • Added continual checking of free system memory in the background-- When amount of free memory is under 1.5 GB and dropping:-- Writes to log and pops up a “low memory!” alert on screen
  • Made locomotive map blips yellow
  • Made a few minor schematic map tweaks
  • Moved SM service station closer to depot entrance
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