A Demo of Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland is Now Available

The babies are back! MIX Games

They say that a baby's got to do what a baby's got to do. You get the chance to try it out with the demo for Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland now available. With this, players get try out the HD mode. This is a graphics mode where they get to live out their dreams of controlling their very own cartoon adventure.

Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland is launching digitally this Spring and to be available for the PC via Steam, the Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation consoles.

Physical Edition

Now for those of you who want something more, there's good news! Physical editions of the game are going to be available though there's a catch. If you want to have your own copy, you'll need to pre-order them before April 21. Standalone editions are available for the Switch, Xbox consoles as well as PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

There are also two editions offered with the first one being the VHS Edition. This is inspired by the classic Nickelodeon orange tapes and comes with an LRG-signature VHS-styled box along with a gold Reptar SteelBook.

The second is a Collector's Edition which features an exclusive gold Reptar figure from Super7. Other goodies available with this collection include a CD soundtrack, a digital code for the full game to be delivered upon digital release, and a certificate of authenticity.

NES Edition

But wait there's more! Rugrats fans who want something retro-inspired can check out the exclusive NES edition. This throwback release allows you to play the game in retro mode fully on a player's original NES, or any other compatible hardware.

NES Editions also include email delivery of a PC code for the full game, which means they can play the game once it goes out on Steam.

A Rugrats Adventure

In the game, Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil, have seen a commercial for the new Reptar video game. Of course, they pretend that they're in a video game of their own.

Key features of the game are:

  • Four playable babies with unique abilities: Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil!
  • Progress by grabbing Bottles, Cookies, Reptar Coins and more.
  • Play solo or in co-op, where kids and parents need to stick together to win.
  • Toggle between nostalgic 8-bit or beautiful HD graphics.
  • Use your trusty screwdriver to enter engaging boss fights with familiar faces.

Ready for a new adventure?

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