Deceit Mid-May Update: Labyrinth Improvements and Bug Fixes

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Deceit recently received a minor update after the conclusion of its fifth-anniversary event. This update made some changes to the Labyrinth. The developers are also planning on reworking the Ranked mode. More details on the rework will be posted on May 26. So, keep an eye out if you are interested in the upcoming changes.

Labyrinth Changes

The Labyrinth is a progression system where players can earn rewards by playing solo or in parties. Some players found it confusing to progress through the Labyrinth. So, the developers made adjustments to make it easier to understand.

Marbles with particles in the Labyrinth represent the rewards available to claim. The particle effect will glow brighter when the player hovers over the Marble. The rewards will turn black when it decays, which makes it easier for players to identify the collectible rewards and helps them to plan their escape accordingly.

Deceit Mid-May Update

Patch Notes
  • The Anniversary Event has now ended; item upgrades will no longer be available.
  • Any unused Anniversary Event Tokens will convert to regular Booth tokens.
  • Various unused assets have been removed.
  • Minor engine upgrade, containing a small amount of various bug fixes.
  • If the antidote holder is on the next floor, you will now instantly bleed out.
  • The Escape Hatch sometimes won't pass if a player is voted out.
  • The add friend button doesn't work in the End of Round screen.
  • Keybind values aren't reset if you don't accept the changes.
  • The werewolf's howl can affect you when you've already transitioned to the next floor.
  • Nametags sometimes don't show on the pre-game screen.
  • Spam aiming whilst shooting can give you an extra bullet.
  • Timeline details for “Swipe Player” doesn't work.
  • There is no collision setup for the base of the co-operative objective.
  • Various map exploits on the Lumberyard.
  • Occasionally all characters in the quick chat list will be Alex.
  • Dodge penalties aren't correctly applied during the pre-game.
  • Occasionally Infected player's pre-game lobby won't show them who's infected.

You can read more about the update here.

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