Deceit April 21 Patch Improvements and Bug Fixes

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The Deceit Fifth Anniversary Event is going strong, which will end on May 12. The developer of the game, World Makers, wants to make sure that you have the best experience possible. A new patch went live recently that brought several improvements to the game. More than a dozen bugs were squashed as well.

You can read the patch notes below:

  • You can now start your next Objective without claiming the item from your previous one.
  • All maps have received new out-of-bounds areas that will force respawn players if they enter them.
  • The volume of switching items audio has been reduced.
  • The interaction logic has been adjusted to stop other players completely blocking your interaction.
  • Several in-game UI elements have been improved.
  • Clicking your Deceit ID when in Add Friends section of the Main Menu will now copy it to your clipboard.
  • [FIXED] Picking up Armor doesn't play the zipping up sound.
  • [FIXED] Players can see parts of the map just before they wake up.
  • [FIXED] Terrors are able to avoid suffocating to the gas by remaining in vents.
  • [FIXED] The bleeding effect from being executed doesn't get removed once the player is antidoted.
  • [FIXED] Players can occasionally be left unable to interact with anything until they respawn.
  • [FIXED] Terrors sometimes don't play their correct animations when moving around.
  • [FIXED] It's possible to be left permanently downed if 2 Terrors attack 2 Innocents at the same time.
  • [FIXED] Players can occasionally be marked as having dodged a game despite leaving normally, causing the game to end early.
  • [FIXED] Selecting an Infected partner and/or Terror can sometimes fail in the pre-game.
  • [FIXED] The ELO gain/loss shown in the Match History can be off by 1. This fix will only apply to future games.
  • [FIXED] Purchasing Tokens from the Store doesn't instantly update your inventory at the bottom.
  • [FIXED] Attacking 2 Innocents back-to-back whilst having 2 executions available will cause only one Innocent to be executed.
  • [FIXED] The Ancient Anubis skin's emissive doesn't work properly.
  • [FIXED] You can only shoot one way through a window in the Asylum's Ward A.
  • [FIXED] You can't shoot through the plastic flaps in the final area of the Asylum.
  • [FIXED] Players can incorrectly transform into a Terror whilst crouched, causing the Terror's animations to break.
  • [FIXED] It's possible to get multiple revives off with just one Antidote.

The complete patch notes are available on Steam as well.

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