‘Death Stranding’ Adds Emma Stone Casts? Mads Mikkelsen Responds To Rumors

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Death Stranding
Mads Mikkelsen plays a character in Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding. Kojima Productions

Death Stranding already has big names attached, including Norman Reedus, Guillermo del Toro and Mads Mikkelsen. Now, it’s possible Hideo Kojima wants to add another big name to his Death Stranding roster: Emma Stone.

A video of Mikkelsen speaking during Saudi Comic-Con, which took place in late February, is quickly gaining traction. In the video, a fan asks about a rumor regarding Stone’s possible connection to the production. Mikkelsen responds, “I can’t talk about that, but I really like that rumor. That’s a lovely rumor.”

Kojima Productions most likely made Mikkelsen sign some extreme non-disclosure agreements a precaution against spoilers. We’re surprised he even said he like the rumors of Stone’s potential casting in the game. Skip to the 22-minute mark in the video below to hear Mikkelsen’s comments.

Mikkelsen also was featured during an episode of HideoTube, Kojima’s behind-the-scenes YouTube series, where he spoke about his involvement in the production.The actor praised Kojima for allowing Mikkelsen and the other cast members to improvise on his sets. Mikkelsen enjoyed being able to play around with his character and help further develop his psyche.

"As I said before, it's a very interesting universe,” Mikkelsen said, referring to Death Stranding . “It's not story driven in the sense that we go from A to Z, like we do in a film. We can make up the background, but we don't necessarily have to, because it is out of time, out of space. It is in the moment. So I think the opportunity of doing things we've never done before, as you say, that is not necessarily linked to a psychological base, but it's based to the moment. It could be very interesting, which we normally don't do when we do characters.”

Death Stranding is currently in development exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Sony has yet to release new information regarding the game, but Death Stranding did make an appearance in another exclusive PS4 title. Check out the Death Stranding Easter Eggs in Horizon Zero Dawn here.

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