Dead by Daylight: Patch 5.4.0 Portrait of a Murder Now Available

Dead by Daylight Portrait of a Murder Update
Dead by Daylight Portrait of a Murder Update Twitter/@DeadByBHVR

Patch 5.4.0 for Dead by Daylight is now available on all supported platforms. Those who are eager to play as the Artist, Carmina Mora, or the seasoned codebreaker, Jonah Vasquez, should download the latest update today.

New Content

Suffering from loss and guilt, Carmina Mora, also known as the Artist, will bring her black-ink surrealist art and her ability to take command of the crows to the game. Her Perks include the Grim Embrace, Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance, and Hex: Pentimento.

Jonah Vasquez joins the Survivors in Patch 5.4.0. With his ability to decipher even the most difficult math equations, he can uncover an ominous truth. Vasquez’s Perks are Overcome, Corrective Action, and Boon Exponential.

Aside from the ones mentioned, a new Chapter map is now available: the Eyrie of Crows. It is available in the Forsaken Boneyard realm and your chance of getting there is increased for the first week of its release.

Eyrie of Crows
Eyrie of Crows Steam

Patch Notes

  • New Killer: The Artist
  • New Survivor: Jonah Vasquez
  • New Map: Eyrie of Crows
  • Updated the character portraits for Meg, Dwight, Adam, and Laurie
  • Updated the character background images in the Character Info and Store menus for Quentin, Feng, Kate, David, Jake, Nea, Adam, Meg, and Dwight
  • Optimized The Spirit's performance
    • Dev Note: The Spirit has the largest impact on performance of any Killer, technically speaking. These performance optimizations should help alleviate that on all platforms
  • Fixed an issue that caused blessing a totem not to disable Decisive Strike
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Clairvoyance perk not to be deactivated when speared
  • Fixed an issue that caused Boon Totem vignettes to disappear when moving between overlapping Boon ranges
  • Fixed an issue where skill checks would be absent when self-healing with the Self-Care or Boon: Circle of Healing
  • Fixed an issue that may cause the sound notification for the 4th generator completed not to trigger
  • Fixed an issue that may cause items, including medkits and toolboxes, with charge modifier add-ons to only apply 99% of their charge
  • Fixed an issue that caused a hitch to occur at the end of vaults with the Legion
  • Fixed an issue that caused Hag traps set in the Asylum's entrance not to get triggered
  • Fixed an issue that let The Nightmare place Dream Snares which would not be seen from below on top of stairs
  • Fixed an issue that may cause the Afterpiece Tonic gas not to match the affected area when the bottle explodes high above ground level
  • Fixed an issue that may cause survivors to be attacked by the Chain Hunt while they are solving the Lament Configuration

Dead by Daylight Patch 5.4.0 is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, and PC.

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