Dead By Daylight Leaks Ghostface As Its Newest Killer

The Scream killer makes his way to the asymmetric multiplayer title.
Ghostface is leaked in the latest update for Dead by Daylight.
Ghostface is leaked in the latest update for Dead by Daylight. Behaviour Interactive

Scream-worthy stuff is coming to Dead by Daylight, and it was just leaked to all of its avid fans.

Dead by Daylight’s next killer was leaked ahead of schedule, and it appears to be from a licensed series. The update released on Tuesday accidentally added content from what appears to be the next chapter, and it features the murderous masked assailant from the Scream series, aptly named Ghostface. It went further than that, though, and the leak went on to reveal alternate skins for the character as well as his special abilities.

Dead by Daylight’s developer, Behaviour Interactive, acknowledged their mistake with regards to the leak, so you can be sure to see Ghostface drop in the near future. The leak happened because of a mistake in the Xbox One version of the update, and people were quick to point it out. A Twitch streamer named Morf_UK managed to compile the Ghostface leak in a tweet before it was ultimately taken down.

Beforehand, there have already been rumors of Ghostface coming to Dead by Daylight, in which he was renamed The Ghost, as is custom with most of the Killers who are brought on from different properties. The past Killers from other properties are: The Shape (Michael Myers) from the Halloween franchise, The Cannibal (Leatherface) from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre series, The Nightmare (Freddy Krueger) from the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, and The Pig (Amanda Young) from the Saw franchise.

One of The Ghost’s perk skills is called ‘Simple Formula’, in which he becomes ‘obsessed’ with one of the Survivors. Hooking the Survivor you are obsessed with gives your perk a token, which in turn stacks. Each stack decreases your overall Terror Radius during a Chase. This sounds like a neat concept and a very faithful nod to the Scream series, whose whole point was the various antagonists’ obsession with Sidney Prescott, who is the main protagonist of the series.

In any case, leaked or not, this is surely very exciting news for the asymmetric multiplayer horror title, which is now nearing its third year of release. It’s nice to see a game get this much love from its developers for such a long time, and we can only hope that Dead by Daylight continues to get more updates in the future.

Dead by Daylight is available to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. A Switch version is coming later this year.

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