The Dead Cells Fatal Falls DLC Now on Mobile

Mobile finally gets the Custom Mode.
Mobile finally gets the Custom Mode. Playdigious

The Fatal Falls DLC for Dead Cells is now available on Android and iOS at $3.99. This new DLC gives players the chance to try a new and alternative mid-game route. There’s no question this is good news for those who want a change from Slumbering Sanctuary or avoid the crowds in Stilt Village.

Fatal Falls also introduces the following:

  • Get to explore new biomes like the Fractured Shrines, Undying Shores, and Mausoleum.
  • There are eight new monsters to face like the Cold-Blooded Guardians.
  • Try out seven new weapons like the Serenade or Snake Fangs.
  • See if you can survive against the new boss.
  • The Scarecrow is more than happy to show off his gardening skills.

Custom Mode

Alongside the new DLC, the game welcomes a new update that brings the Custom Mode. With this, players can change the run to their liking. That’s because it allows players to, among others, limit the items, mutations, and outfits. They can even add starter items as well as make adjustments to the timer settings.

Several new additions have been included, such as:

  • Backpack addition. Store an additional weapon.
  • ​Explore a new biome in the Derelict Distillery.
  • Fight nine new enemies like the Corpulent Zombies, Dancers, and Demolishers.
  • Try out nine new weapons and items which include the Crowbar, Hattori’s Katana, and Barrel Launcher.
  • Experience eight new mutations like the Porcupak, Ranger’s Gear, and Barbed Tips.
  • Put on new outfits.

By the way, the Custom Mode isn’t compatible with Auto-Hit Mode.

Dead Cells was first released on PC and consoles in 2018. The iOS was launched in 2019, followed by the Android version in June 2020. In the game, players take on the role of a failed alchemic experiment that explores an ever-changing castle to learn more about what happened.

The game wasn’t only redesigned to accommodate the mobile platform but also had its interface revamped. It offered two game modes: Original and Auto-Hit. The controls can be customized, offer expanded touch control options, and support external controllers.

Dead Cells is being offered at 50% for both iOS and Android. This promotion is valid until September 28.

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