DC Universe Online Giving a Shock to the System for Episode 45

Prepare to be shocked.
Prepare to be shocked. Dimensional Ink Games

A new episode is coming out this year in DC Universe Online. Episode 45: Shock to the System is coming out in spring 2023.

What is the new episode all about? The Big Bang attack which created new heroes, villains, and victims has drawn otherworldly and sinister attention. Ebon's powers have cast a long shadow but it is the presence of the Parademons that forced things to contact you. There is a lot to unearth, like why Apokolips is focusing on Dakota City or why people are disappearing.

Here are some details about this new episode:

  • Normal and elite versions of On Duty content are available along with level-agnostic event versions for a limited time.
  • The content includes open-world missions and world bosses, with a duo, alert, and raid.
  • The episode features DC and Milestone characters including Static, Ebon, Rocket, DeSaad, and more.
  • The storyline includes adventures centered around the new Dakota City, written by acclaimed comic book writer Leon Chills.
  • The episode launches new player rewards, including gear, styles, and more.

Q1 2023

From January to March 2023, things are going to start with the annual Attack of the Anti-Monitor anniversary event. There are also new rewards for these seasonal events:

  • Love Conquers All (February)
  • Mister Mxyzptlk's Mischief (March)

Last week, a Shazam ally was made available in the game. For those who missed, not to worry. While they may no longer be able to get that, there's one more ally arriving this quarter. Look forward as well to a new artifact, new time capsule, and new Doctor Fate's Daily Rewards each month.

2023 Roadmap

There are two more new episodes coming out this year. Episode 46 is launching in summer while Episode 47 is coming out in fall. While no other details have been revealed, Dimensional Ink Games revealed that one episode is going to be a bit dark while the other one won't be.

Here are what other things are releasing:

  • Q2
    • Springtime Event
    • Tides of War
    • Emotes System
  • Q3
    • Save the Universe
    • Homecoming

DC Universe Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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