DC Universe Online Is Making Its Way To Nintendo Switch This Summer

Play as a hero or as a villain in this original storyline featuring characters from the DC universe.
DC Universe Online is all set for a Nintendo Switch release coming this summer.
DC Universe Online is all set for a Nintendo Switch release coming this summer. Daybreak Games

Another title gets ported to the Nintendo Switch, this time coming as a free-to-play experience that lets you live out your fantasies of being a superhero – or a supervillain, for that matter.

Originally launching back in 2011 for the PC and the PlayStation 3, Daybreak Games’ DC Universe Online will now finally make its way to the Nintendo Switch, alongside versions for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. DC Universe Online is a fully realized MMO that allows you to create your own customizable avatar within the DC universe, populated by its various heroes like Superman and Batman, and of course their villainous counterparts like Lex Luthor and Joker. Check out the trailer for the upcoming port of DC Universe Online below, which is expected to release sometime in summer 2019.

Porting a game like this to a handheld system is no easy feat, and developer Daybreak Games hopes that the portability that comes with the Switch will be a great asset to the title. While there will not be cross-play between the different consoles, it’s still free-to-play across all systems, and now even the Nintendo Switch will have access to almost a decade of the title’s content.

The news comes exclusive from CBR, where we also got to hear about some of the developer’s thoughts on the upcoming port.

"A hand-held device, a fully built world... even I had my doubts," SJ Mueller, creative director for DC Universe Online, said in the interview. He’s not wrong at all. The port is a massive undertaking, one that needed the developer’s expertise that spanned across nine years of development for other platforms.

"Bringing the game to the Switch was something that's very close to my heart," DC Universe Online Executive Producer Leah Bowers also mentioned in the article. "Nintendo was the first console I really connected with; and yet, I associated the brand with first party or platform games. But when the Switch came out, it blew my mind and highlighted the possibilities that were there."

The developers then went on to state that across all platforms, there is one thing players can count on when it comes DC Universe Online: the open fan community, and how symbiotic their relationship is with the developers.

DC Universe Online is expected to release on the Nintendo Switch this summer. It is also available to play on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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