Days Gone Gameplay Footage Shows Alternate Path Through E3 2017 Demo

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More than 10 minutes of new Days Gone gameplay is out this week, offering an alternate look at the content featured in the game’s E3 2017 demo. Anyone who caught Sony’s press conference may recognize the people and places in the new footage. But the video does prove there’s more than one solution for many of the situations we’ll see in Days Gone when it debuts next year.

The new gameplay footage features commentary from Days Gone writer and director John Garvin and Sam Witwer, the voice of the game’s protagonist, Deacon St. John. The duo breaks down differences, both big and small, between the footage released this week and the alternate version of the same mission shown at E3. We learn that weather will play a big role in how the player experiences certain events, particularly those that involve Deacon riding a motorcycle, and also get a better idea of how dynamic events will impact specific missions. The new footage also includes more information on the game’s day/night cycle and the different ways its weather mechanics will impact your time with Days Gone.

Some of the events shown in the new gameplay footage might feel a bit familiar to those who’ve kept a close eye on Days Gone since it was announced last summer. According to Garvin, the footage released this week was also shown to select members of the press during E3 2017, so there’s a good chance you’ve read about some of this stuff over the last few weeks. But this is the first time anyone outside of Los Angeles, and not affiliated with Bend Studio in some way, has seen the alternate playthrough of the Days Gone E3 2017 demo.

For an early look at Days Gone, set aside some time to check out the dev team’s alternate path through the E3 2017 demo area. Then head down to the comments section and let us know if you’re still excited about the upcoming third-person adventure from Bend Studio.

Days Gone is in development for PlayStation 4. The game is expected to debut in 2018.

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