Dauntless Brings Back Dark Harvest, Haunted Shadows Goes Live Next Week

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Darkness comes to the land.
Darkness comes to the land. Phoenix Labs

It's time to get spooky as Dauntless is bringing back Dark Harvest. This limited-time event transforms Dauntless to a land of candlelit stalls, glowing gourds, and perpetual night. It also marks the return of a mysterious dark cult. Dark Harvest begins on October 24 and ends November 5.

In addition, as Hunt Pass: Way of the Fist is set to end, a new Haunted Shadows Hunt Pass season is going to be launched on October 31. This new season offers spooky rewards as well as a number of quality-of-life updates that players are sure to enjoy.

Dark Harvest starts off the Halloween season with the Unseen once again stirring up trouble in Ramsgate. This gives slayers a chance to look into a number of mysterious glyphs that are broadcasting troubling transmissions from an ancient cult across the night-soaked streets. Ramsgate is also going to have a never-ending night and even get a fresh coat of spooky paint. It's not all doom and gloom as players can also look forward to some player favorite items like the “From Below” arrival emote.

Haunted Shadows

Dauntless also announced that the Haunted Shadows Hunt Pass is all set to go live on October 31. This new Hunt Pass lets Slayers earn a full set of cosmetic armor and the new “Ghost of a Dog” emote, among other rewards. Players who have the Elite track get the chance to unlock a set of armor to flaunt their inner Night Hunter.

Night Hunter.
Night Hunter. Phoenix Labs

Aside from the ghoulish goodies, Haunted Shadows also brings with it a number of quality-of-life improvements like:

  • AFK Timer
    • In order to ease AFK pains, Dauntless has added an AFK kick timer to all hunts.
    • Slayers that are idle for three minutes are immediately returned to Ramsgate.
    • This should free up the rest of the party to complete the hunt at the right challenge level.
  • Compass Clean-up
    • The compass gets some added depth.
    • This makes important icons easier to see while de-emphasizing some of the less vital ones.
    • This should make the compass easier to read and more useful for Slayers working through the main quest line.
  • Patrol Chest Preferences
    • The Patrol Chest ON/OFF toggle is now going to remember a player's previous choice.
    • In the past it was defaulted to ON with each new patrol hunt.
    • Be sure to turn it on if you want those bonus rewards.

Haunted Shadows is going to serve as the first major update since Dauntless 1.0. Slayers who want to know what the future holds can get more information through the official Dauntless roadmap here.

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