Dark Souls-Inspired Bleak Faith: Frosaken Gets A New Gameplay Demo

Bleak Faith: Forsaken
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Bleak Faith: Forsaken, a Dark Souls-style game, first received a teaser trailer a year ago. Back then, the game did not look as impressive as it does today. Bleak Faith: Forsaken recently received a 12-minute long gameplay demo that showcases the game's stunning world design and gameplay mechanics, which have been improved quite significantly from what was shown a year ago.

Recently, many developers have taken interest in souls-like games, originally made popular by the minds at From Software with their Dark Souls series. Fans also received another Dark Souls-inspired game a few months back called Mortal Shell. And now when fans are waiting for From Software's Elden Ring to release, they may like checking out what Bleak Faith: Forsaken has to offer.

The gameplay demo shows the player character sneaking past a vast, but dark open-world area which is also populated by unforgiving enemies and mechanical giants. The demo kicks off with the player character traversing through narrow spaces and fighting multiple smaller enemies. Bleak Faith also features a stamina system that should force players to make their actions count. After fighting multiple smaller foes, the player then makes it out of the narrow streets into a stunning open world. However, it only seems open and free until a giant robot starts walking across the field and the player is forced to hide in the bushes. Soon, multiple giant robots starting appearing in the field, and the player must stealthily avoid them before reaching a new structure where a boss fight begins.

While Bleak Faith: Forsaken looks quite impressive in the demo and seems like a mix between Dark Souls and Bloodborne, it is not the final version of the game. That said, it is still good to see that the developers have made great progress. We can only guess how much more progress will be made once we get another look at Bleak Faith.

Bleak Faith: Froken has yet to receive a release date, and is still firmly in its development phase.

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