Daemon X Machina Coming to Epic Games Store

Get in those mechs and blast away enemies.
Get in those mechs and blast away enemies. XSEED Games

Daemon X Machina is set to be available at the Epic Games Store. In addition, it’s going to be featured as the free game of the week beginning January 27 and can be redeemed until February 2. Once the promotion ends, the base game is available for $49.99.

For those wondering, the Epic Games Store version supports cross-play with the Steam version.

In the game, players take on the role of an Outer. This is a new breed of humans that emerged after a global catastrophe, when the moon collided with the planet. Players get to suit up and pilot fully customizable mechs known as Arsenals and fight against corrupted AIs called “Immortals.”

Battles take place in different areas, such as crumbling cities, strange deserts, and even inside massive facilities. As players complete missions, they can salvage new equipment from fallen enemies resulting in more combat options ranging from laser swords to explosive artillery.

Game Features

Features of the game include:

  • Soar across the battlefield and engage in frenetic and high-stake mech combat versus corrupted machines and gargantuan Colossal Immortals.
  • Fully customize the Arsenal mech with a variety of weapons and parts to the player’s exact specifications.
  • Salvage defeated enemies for parts and weapons, which can be used on the fly on the battlefield.
  • Customize the player avatar with a variety of cosmetic options. Go under the knife and receive extensive body modifications to learn new skills at the cost of human appearance.
  • ​Team up with players in online Co-op Mode to destroy bosses or take on Exploration Missions together to map Immortal bases and unlock powerful gear.
  • Battle other players in 1v1 or 2v2 Versus Mode and climb the leaderboard rankings to become the top mercenary.

Deluxe Edition

For the Epic Games Store version, players can get the base game or the deluxe edition which includes the base game and a collection of cosmetic DLC for customizing Arsenal and Outer.

Check out the game here. In addition to the PC, Daemon X Machina is also available on Nintendo Switch.

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