Cyberpunk RPG Gamedec Announced For PC

The other big cyberpunk title coming next year.
Anshar Studios officially announces Gamedec, a cyberpunk RPG set to be released for the PC in 2020.
Anshar Studios officially announces Gamedec, a cyberpunk RPG set to be released for the PC in 2020. Anshar Studios

News about the highly anticipated role-playing game Cyberpunk 2077 seems to have slowed down in the past few weeks. However, that doesn’t mean that the science fiction subgenre will stop making its way into the video game world. Developer Anshar Studios (Telefrag VR) has just announced Gamedec, a story driven RPG with a cyberpunk motif to launch for the PC in 2020.

Gamedec puts players in the shoes of a private detective. Set in Warsaw City during the 22nd century, your player character works as the titular Gamedec, a detective of sorts that either discover or exploit cheats for their clients’ game worlds. You also solve crimes in the virtual world, such as a murder rooting from a game clan dispute, or the use of child slavery for a free to play farming simulator. This world is set in a time where the term “real” is relative, and “life” and “death” have varying meanings. The ubiquity of these virtual games has slowly transformed into the real world for most people.

In a world filled with rich and spoiled businesspeople, mothers who only dream for a better future for their children, or faceless corporations with plans to rewrite humanity, only your choices matter. Each decision you make will shape the game world and your character’s personality. Some choices may feel right, sometimes the opposite.

Gamedec will have players fighting conversational duels, discovering or building schemes of intigue, saving lives, and discovering extraordinary relationships between these virtual worlds that the inhabitants consider their own realities. Emulating the nature of a tabletop RPG that focuses on players’ decisions and building character behaviors and backstories, Gamedec will give cyberpunk and RPG purists the freedom to approach situations from multiple angles and perspectives rather than the game forcing you onto one path.

Gamedec will be Anshar Studios’ third title for the PC and its first non-VR game. No release date has been confirmed yet, but the cyberpunk themed RPG will be releasing in 2020 on Steam.

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