Cyberpunk 2077's Delay Pushes Back The Medium Into 2021

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The Medium is an upcoming and highly anticipated psychological horror game from Polish developer Bloober Team. The game was originally planned to release in December, but now Bloober Team has confirmed that The Medium has been delayed into January 2021. For the uninitiated, The Medium is an Xbox Series X/S and PC exclusive title, which promises an intense fear-inducing gameplay experience.

The Medium involves players moving between the spirit and human realms in order to solve puzzles. Players will also be capable of using their psychic abilities to solves certain puzzles and possibly deal with enemies.

Bloober Team took it to Twitter to announce that it had made the difficult decision to delay The Medium until January 28, 2021. The developer explained in the tweet that one reason for the delay is due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation in Poland, and another being other games (Cyberpunk 2077) that were clashing with The Medium's release date. The developer went on to explain that the additional development time will allow the team to polish The Medium and deliver a "genre-pushing vision of interactive psychological horror".

Twitter users replying to the tweet seemed quite supportive of Bloober Team's decision. Some of the replies include, "take all the time you need", "It's okay guys I'm still keeping my pre-order", "It's probably the best choice for the game success, Cyberpunk wouldn't be a fair competitor at all, looking forward to it January then!", and so on.

CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk 2077, perhaps the most highly anticipated game of 2020, was supposed to release on November 19, but the developer recently announced that Cyberpunk will be delayed to December 10, citing technical reasons. Cyberpunk 2077's delay has not only impacted The Medium's launch, but another game called Everspace has also been delayed until January 2021 as well.

The Medium is delayed until January 28, 2021.

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