Cyberpunk 2077 Devs Say They Can Now Work On Multiple AAA Games

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The studio is confident that they are more than able to develop multiple AAA titles now.
The studio is confident that they are more than able to develop multiple AAA titles now. CD Projekt Red

CD Projekt Red's upcoming title Cyberpunk 2077 is without a doubt one of 2020's most-anticipated titles. In one of its public showings at PAX Australia, the studio filled the Melbourne Convention Centre's biggest theatre with excited fans and players who were pumped to know more about the game.

Present at the event was the studio’s very own John Mamais, who is the head of the company's Krakow office. Interestingly, it was revealed that developers are creating about one-third of the content for the title while also developing its new cutscene technology as well as other aspects.

In an interview, Mamais – who has been with CD Projekt Red since 2011 when he was still the producer on The Witcher 2 – discussed some local issues like the possibility of censorship from Australia's Classification Board, multiplayer support for the upcoming game, and potential future of the title on the Switch.

As far as potential censorship of Cyberpunk 2077 in the country, the executive stated that there should not be any issues when it comes to clearing the local Classification board. He believes that if they did it in the past with other titles, the new game should have a similar narrative.

"I was [concerned about censorship] because I know Australia has issues with drugs and the other thing is sexualised violence--those are the two things that can kill your product [in Australia]," Mamais said in the interview. "But I've been looking into it [over] the last couple of days. It seems like we're safe. You don't get rewarded for [using] drugs as far as I know in the game. The player doesn't do any kind of sexualised violence at all where it's really tasteless; we wouldn't do anything like that."

On the subject of multiplayer in Cyberpunk 2077, he teased that the studio has grown a lot and it is no longer a company like before. Right now, CD Projekt Red already has expanded enough to be able to develop multiple AAA games simultaneously. One of these, according to him, could be a multiplayer-focused Cyberpunk title. He clarified, however, that it could also be a Witcher game, another licensed title, or just something else entirely.

"It's public knowledge that we want to make multiple AAA titles at the same time in the company. We haven't been able to, but now we're growing to a certain extent and we might be able to do that in the future; at least we hope so," he said.

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