CW’s ‘Black Lightning’ Casts Cress Williams As Jefferson Pierce

Cress Williams in 'Hart of Dixie.' CW

CW’s Black Lightning TV series has found its new hero in a familiar face: Cress Williams, who once starred on Hart of Dixie. Williams will hopefully end up joining Stephen Amell, Grant Gustin, Melissa Benoist and the cast of Legends with a regular spot on the network.

Cress Williams in 'Hart of Dixie.' Photo: CW

Black Lightning will also star Jefferson Pierce's two daughters, who were also heroes in the comics. Jennifer goes by Lightning and possesses electromagnetic powers like her dad. Anissa, known as Thunder, is a member of the Outsiders – a group founded by Batman and her father. She has the power to increase her body density, which gives her the ability to create shockwaves and have impenetrable skin. Neither roles have been cast yet.

According to previous reports, Pierce is a high school principal who has been separated with his wife since around the time he decided to quit being Black Lightning. But after his youngest daughter, Jennifer, gets in trouble, he makes a choice to use his powers for the first time in 10 years. His old friend asks him to suit up once again to protect the city. He initially says no, but agrees when his two daughters are in trouble.

Read the full casting breakdown here.

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