'CS:GO' Operation Hydra Adds New Game Modes And Community Maps Through September [IMAGES]

CSGO Operation Hydra
'CS:GO' Operation Hydra event will take place until September. Valve.

Valve has announced a new event coming to Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Officially called Operation Hydra, the event will take every week until September and brings several all-new game modes to the table.

The CS:GO Operation Hydra event will feature one unique game mode available a week at a time. Via the official Counter Strike page, these are the three events available to all CS:GO players: Wingman, Weapons Expert, and War Games. Operation Hydra All-Access Pass holders will also be able to earn additional XP, plus upgraded coin and item drops.

CSGO Operation Hydra
'CS:GO' Operation Hydra event will take place until September. Photo: Valve.

First, Wingman is a face-paced high-stakes 2v2 deathmatch. Team up with your BFF and take on an enemy duo in a best-of-16 face-off on single-bombsite maps.

Next, Weapons Expert is a 5v5 that tests your versatility. Once a player purchase a weapon, it cannot be purchased again in the best-of-30 match. Steadily pace your own weapons while try your hardest to chip away at your enemy's weapon options.

Both Wingman and Weapons Expert game modes will feature a ranking system that will ensure players will be placed in matches with other players in a Competitive Skill Group. There are a total of six gameplay modes in War Games: Heavy Assault Suit, Headshots Only, Hunters-Gatherers, Stab Stab Zap, The Flying Scoutsman, and Trigger Discipline.

Heavy Assault Suit are bomb defusal rounds that involve a heavy assault suit that is available for purchase at the beginning of the round. While protection goes way up, players that wear the heavy suit will also be the center of attention and slow to move. 

"Like a tank, you'll make a bold entrance as you plow through enemy territory. Prepare to be the center of attention."

As the name suggests, only headshots count in the Headshots Only deathmatch.  

Hunters-Gatherers rewards players that dare to play extremely close-combat matches. "Every kill drops a dogtag – work with your team to collect enemy tags and recover your own."

Bringing the action closer still is Stab Stab Zap. Rifles and pistols are replaced with only knives, a special recharging Zeus taser gun, and whatever grenades you have on deck. 

The other end of the spectrum is Flying Scoutman, where gravity is turned all the way down and players are armed with the SSG08 and their reflexes. Use your new-found mobility from the low gravity to find cover from sniper fire while finding superior vantage points to pick off the enemy team.

Finally, Trigger Discipline is a fun deathmatch that tests your patience and accuracy. Every shot you miss will cost your own health.

What's more, the CS:GO Operation Hydra event also adds four new Operation maps as well as three returning community created maps. First, Thrill is a Bomb Defusal map that takes place at a Wundergarten theme park.

Next, Agency is a hostage rescue map that takes place within an office building. Black Gold is a bomb defusal map on an oil rig, Insertion is another hostage rescue map with multiple points of insertion into a cottage, Austria is a bomb defusal map that takes place at a snowy mountain village, Lite is a bomb defusal map at an oil refinery, and Shipped is another bomb defusal map that involves pirates that wish to sink the ship before it reaches safe harbor.

csgo thrill
Thrill Map Photo: Valve
csgo shipped
Shipped Map Photo: Valve
csgo lite
Lite Map Photo: Valve
csgo austria
Austria Map Photo: Valve
csgo insertion
Insertion Map Photo: Valve
csgo blackgold
Blackgold Map Photo: Valve
csgo agency
Agency Map Photo: Valve

The CS:GO Operation Hydra event is available to all CS:GO players, but for those looking for a little extra, exclusive co-op campaign and various content and accessories are available to players that hold the All-Access pass for $5.99 Operation Hydra.

How do you like the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Operation Hydra event? Let us know in the comment section below.

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