Crusader Kings 3 Free “Robe” Update Reworks Bookmark Screen

Paradox Interactive gives Crusader Kings 3 a September 1 release date.
Paradox Interactive gives Crusader Kings 3 a September 1 release date. Paradox Interactive

Crusader Kings 3 received a ton of improvements, thanks to a major free update released today. Update “Robe” 1.8.0 brings new features, reworks, balancing changes, and more. Players can now save and load Custom Rulers, and every attribute except for the Dynasty and the Coat of Arms will be saved.

Bookmark Screen received a complete rework, and new illustrations for every Tenet are added. Support for Vulkan rendering on Macintosh hardware is introduced as well. Forming the Kingdom of Aragon will now grant more rewards, and Literalism is made legal for all faiths to adopt.

You can read the highlights of the update below.

Free Features
  • You can now save and load Custom Rulers! Create templates you can easily re-use everywhere on the world map. All the attributes besides the Dynasty and the Coat of Arms are saved.
  • Completely reworked the Bookmark Screen; its now reorganized to allow more room for bookmarks, and they are now sorted by the year they belong to (867 and 1066). This comes with new and improved art for elements and buttons, as well as showing which DLC you have active.
  • Added new and unique illustrations for every Tenet currently in the game!
  • Added 17 new Custom Faith icons for use when creating new faiths, ranging from Ankhs and Boromian Circles to Doves and Chi Rhos!
Game Balance
  • Disinheriting is now free for children with a disputed heritage or known bastard. There is however a global opinion penalty which is always applied when taking the interaction
  • Mozarabs can now use a strong hook to force/coerce the pope into binding with rome
  • Updated the consequences for revoking hostile Holy order, it now adds Fervor to their Faith, and potentially a negative county modifier
  • If the game rule "strict regional heresy" is activated, the Mozarab faith will only appear in Iberia and North Africa
  • Rulers will no longer be deposed if they happen to inherit a tyranny war from a lower tier ruler
  • Added gold cost to the "truly special board" in the board game event “A Stroke of Luck”
  • Breaking away from Rome now requires you to be in poor standing with your HoF
  • Properly set low obligations on Custom Rulers who are vassals of the HRE
  • “A Beautiful Specimen” will be only triggered for lovers and soulmates now; not powerful vassals
  • Iberian Conciliation achievement is now classified as "Hard" instead of "Medium"
  • Auto-fire the Court Chaplain if they are excommunicated, except if you are also excommunicated yourself
  • Contracting Assistance is now scaled by army size.

Crusader Kings 3 Free “Robe” Update fixed a ton of bugs and issues as well, which you can read on Steam.

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