Crusader Kings 3 Fate of Iberia Arriving May 3

Prepare for new content.
Prepare for new content. Paradox Interactive

A new flavor pack is arriving in Crusader Kings 3 on May 31. In Fate of Iberia, players are taken to medieval Spain and Portugal where it’s all about intrigue and conquest, diplomacy and compromise. Players can enjoy the new adventures this flavor pack offers for $6.99.

The Fate of Iberia is available to those who already have the expansion pass or Royal Edition. The expansion pass is priced at $34.99 while the Royal Edition is offered at $29.99.

One new feature that players expect is Struggles. This new system highlights unique historical circumstances that typify regions, which have been centers of conflict. What that means is players get new tools to deal with a particular situation in the region.

Here are the other features of Fate of Iberia:

  • Decide the Fate of Iberia
    • Players can choose the path of conciliation or the path of conquest as they unite Spain or, alternately, agree to a peaceful division of spoils.
  • ​New content
    • Two new Legacy tracks (Urbane and Coterie).
    • New Cultural Traditions emphasizing special historical characteristics of the Iberian peninsula.
    • New friend interactions and duels over the chessboard.
  • New Events
    • Dynamic historical events, some related to the struggle for Iberia, and others adding greater variety for all players.
  • ​New Art
    • New character art like clothing, hair, and beard styles reflecting Iberian cultures of the medieval era.
    • New unit designs and a host of new art for backgrounds, events, and loading.
  • New Music
    • Additions to the Crusader Kings 3 soundtrack.

Like any release, Fate of Iberia comes with a free update. This upcoming update introduces new options and features that all players can enjoy. It’s also bringing a new faction type to challenge players. Then, there are the Heads of Faith which can be shared by different religions and vassal contracts for clans. Players can also expect a new starting bookmark that highlights interesting Iberian characters for the 867 start date.

Crusader Kings 3 was released in 2020, initially available on PC. Versions for next-gen consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S were launched back in March 2021.

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