Crunch Element: New Rogue Mode Added in Latest Update

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Crunch Element is a first-person VR shooter that allows you to raid compounds by using gadgets and various tactical weaponry.

A new feature was added in the latest update for Crunch Element. The New Rogue Mode makes things a lot more challenging because you will start the game with a minimal kit, thus requiring you to get any weapons and attachments you can if you want to survive as many rounds as possible. Not only that but the difficulty also increases in succeeding rounds, so you have to use your wits if you want to demolish the competition.

What are the other things added in the New Rogue Mode Update? Well, there’s now an Upgrader located in the truck that lets you customize your loadout during a run. Do you want to attract less attention by putting a silencer on your handgun? Now you can!

If you’ve managed to save up a lot of credits, you can spend some on Mystery Boxes to acquire new weapons during a run. They’re located on every level, so you just have to be on the lookout for them.

Patch Notes

  • A complete overhaul to the enemy AI system has finally been done. This fixes many bugs with the old system, introduces more engaging gameplay, and improved performance to support more enemies per map!
  • Wandering: Enemies now wander around the map.
  • Difficulty: A Difficulty setting has been added for freeplay stages and enemies become progressively more difficult in rogue mode.
  • Investigation: Enemies now investigate suspicious activity and combat areas.
  • Performance: Performance of the AI has been improved which allows more enemies per map.
  • Added new rogue mode
  • Added mystery weapon boxes to all levels for rogue mode and operations
  • Added new weapon upgrader in the truck for rogue mode and operations
  • Added more starting magazines to the S12
  • Added credit reward for completion of objectives
  • Added credit display to the wrist watch
  • Added new tactical gloves for the player hands
  • Complete enemy AI rework
  • Added difficulty adjustment to enemies that can be selected on stages
  • Update credit tracking to be individual instead of shared across all players
  • Fixed issue with new players joining a session not spawning with full health
  • Added lifetime stat screen in the hideout
  • Fixed issues with hitbox accuracy on map obstacles
  • Fixed issues with espionage objective occasionally not spawning
  • Fixed issue with building modules not spawning on certain game resets
  • Fixed issue with movement speed being different for different HMDs
  • Fixed issue with enemies clipping through walls and various other bugs
  • Updated hand swap mode to also swap the menu button
  • Updated player icon to show Steam avatar

Crunch Element New Rogue Mode Update is available on PC.

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