Crossout: Polar Lights Update Introduces New Battle Pass

Polar Lights Update
Polar Lights Update Steam

A new season for Crossout has begun and with it is a battle pass rife with amazing rewards, including a limited-time resource that can “light up” your parts bench.

The new battle pass for Crossout is available to you via the Polar Lights Update. It has 75 levels with rewards that you can unlock by accomplishing daily and weekly challenges. Some of the notable things that you can get include 1,000 in-game coins, new customization kits (CKs) for the Fuze Drone and Omnibox Cabin, and additional Blueprint and Storage expansions, among many others.

As mentioned earlier, you can also earn a limited-time resource called “Lighters'' for every level you gain above 75. They can be used to exchange for upgraded parts and other items. The free battle pass offers up to 150 lighters, though you get 500 more if you purchase the premium.

  • At the end of the season, all unused lighters will be withdrawn from the game.
  • All players without exception (both with and without a paid Battle Pass) can unlock:
  • Recipes for the production of new parts. ATTENTION! These recipes will only be available temporarily during the current season. Once it is completed, the part recipes will be unavailable. In the future, recipes for new parts may be available as part of future seasons or in-game events.
  • 100 in-game coins.
  • Repair kits.
  • Elements for banner customization.
  • Ability to produce a new object for the range.
  • Structural parts.
  • Containers with resources.
  • Coupons for special workbenches.
  • New stickers.
  • Players who have purchased the Battle pass may receive the following additional rewards:
    • New crafted and upgraded parts. Please note that such parts are issued with certain upgrades and cannot be sold/bought on the market.
    • 3 new portraits.
    • Cosmetic items: paints, stickers, decor.
    • Additional elements for banner customization.
    • Produced objects for the range.
  • You can increase your level in the event by completing special daily and weekly challenges.
  • At the end of the day, all uncompleted daily challenges are reset and replaced with new ones.
  • Every Thursday, after the list of challenges is updated, all uncompleted weekly challenges are carried over to the next week.
  • Weekly tasks of the season are divided into “main” and “additional” groups. At one time, 4 “main” and 2 “additional” tasks are issued.
  • Please note that it is possible to get the maximum level in the event by completing only daily and “main” challenges. Completing “additional” challenges will help you increase your level even faster.
  • Try not to miss challenges to open all available rewards as soon as possible.
  • When the event level is increased, the reward is issued automatically.
  • You can still complete regular daily and weekly challenges, save badges and other resources.

Crossout Polar Lights Update is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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