Crossout 0.13.80 Big Chase Update Now Live

Crossout 0.13.80
Crossout 0.13.80 Steam

Crossout’s latest season, “Big Chase,” is finally here and you can expect a lot in this update. The developers added a “Chase” mode, reworked the co-drivers system, and introduced several bug fixes.

New Mode

The developers have added a new map for the chase mode called “Warrior’s Path.” In this mode, your goal is to stop the moving truck before they leave the location. But these trucks will be armed to the teeth and can take multiple routes. So, make sure you stop at least one vehicle, or else you will lose the game.

Co-driver System

The new co-driver system is introduced in this update, which also brings eight co-drivers. To unlock co-drivers, you will need a special resource called “intel.” You can earn Intelligence by doing many activities, such as PvP battles and “Patrols.” The Engineers faction will receive 7,000 intelligence upon reaching level 30 which is enough to unlock one non-starter co-driver.

Each of these co-drivers has three passive skills that improve parts of your armored car or its effectiveness. They also have a special ability called “talent,” which requires you to clear certain conditions to activate it.

Crossout Update 0.13.80

  • Recorded and added a new music track for the garage: Rust And Sand.
  • Improved the sound of shell casings for the following shotguns: “Parser,” “Arothron,” “Junkbow,” “Fafnir,” “Nidhogg,” “Jormungandr.”
  • Updated the sound of charging the shot for the “Toadfish” crossbow.
  • Improved the sound reverberation.
  • Improved the balance of sounds.
  • Optimized and fixed minor bugs in weapon sounds.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where the respawn window turned gray.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Executioner 88mm” and “Prosecutor 76mm” cannons could penetrate more than 2 cells of an armored car’s structure.
  • Fixed a bug with the lack of base capture animation on the minimap in the “Assault” mode.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Aurora” laser upgrade to increase the heating rate was almost unnoticeable.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies in the “Frontier defense” raid on the “Ship graveyard” map could get stuck at spawn points.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Argument” weapon didn’t play the recoil animation after firing.
  • Fixed a bug where changing the language while viewing the range from the exhibition led to the range becoming unavailable for viewing.
  • Fixed a bug where, at the moment of firing, shells became visible at a certain distance away from the weapon’s barrel.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect painting of the “Ermak” cabin.
  • Fixed a bug where crosshair “jumps” could be observed when using a free camera (the “alt” key by default).
  • Improved a number of texts, descriptions, and icons.

You can read more about the update here.

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