Craftopia v20211215.1724 Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

Craftopia Steam

Craftopia recently received a new update that fixed several bugs and improved the game performance.

The developers have taken some steps to reduce the loading time when players start the game. This change is amazing because players can now spend less time looking at the loading screen and more on playing the game.

The developers also fixed a minor issue where cherry blossom trees would have a white appearance when players look from a distance. Now, the trees should retain their original color even when players look from afar.

Craftopia v20211215.1724

Critical Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Greatly changed the systems related to the life of vehicles.
    • Removed DoT damage
    • Damage taken and dealt will vary depending on the speed of vehicles
    • Vehicles will now take damage when they hit an object at a certain speed or faster
    • Enemies' attacks will deal damage to vehicles
  • Added "Lock-on camera." By default, you can toggle it with the Q key on the keyboard or the left button on the gamepad.
  • For those who have been hosting a dedicated server, the directory of the settings file and the save data of the dedicated server have been changed from AppData to the same hierarchy as .exe(.86_64).
Performance Improvements
  • The number of grape meshes has been reduced due to the heavy load while collecting grapes.
  • Fixed the FPS drops extremely due to the Kraken's Ink Spitting attack.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the amount of increasing parameters of fishery products, sushi, shakes, herbal dishes, special dishes, and monstrous dishes when you offer them to Picture Book.
  • Fixed clicking outside the pop-up frame in Creative Mode Tutorial would make it impossible to proceed.
  • Fixed equipment in the stack box could not be unequipped by right-clicking.
  • Fixed the weapon "Kayomart" was craftable in the blacksmith.
  • Changed the effect of the enchantment "Hunter's."
  • Fixed the world level setting for the item "Chemicals" was incorrect.
  • Corrected the incorrect designation of furnace available for process in the description of some ores.
  • The names of some blueprints were incorrect and have been corrected.

You can read more about the update here.

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