Crab Champions: Update 4 Adds Several New Perks That Encourage Melee Combat

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Crab Champions received a new patch recently that added several new perks, mainly to encourage players to whack enemies in Survival Mode.

For those who are new to Crab Champions, perks are bonuses that enhance certain aspects of the player’s character. They are only available in Survival Mode and can be dropped by enemies or purchased from Tony’s Shop.

That said, new perks are added by Update 4 that makes melee combat much more engaging. For example, the new Critical Claws perk increases the player’s melee critical hit chance. Another new perk worth mentioning is Blender, which reduces melee cooldowns. Players who want to get up-close and personal might want to consider choosing this perk when it pops up.

Update 4 also includes some balancing changes. For one, Time Shot damage has increased from 50% to 100%. Furthermore, Skulls and Blocker Skulls have increased in size, making them a lot easier to hit.


  • Added 5 new Volcanic arena islands and removed the re-used tropical islands from the Volcanic biome
  • You can now interact with key totems even after unlocking everything to start a run off with a random piece of loot (minimum rarity is Epic)
  • Added new perk: Iron Claws: Melee damage heavily increased but melee cooldowns are also increased
  • Added new Greed perk: Brawler: Melee damage greatly increased but weapon damage is reduced
  • Holding down the melee button will now melee automatically after each melee cooldown
  • Increased the minigun chance based mods trigger chance by 33%
  • Tony’s Black Card discount reduced from 15% to 8% per perk level
  • Gold Dice chance increase reduced from 50% to 20%
  • Blocker Skulls projectile speed reduced
  • Removed random spread on Sniper Crab shots- they lost their scariness and missed way more than intended. With the new telegraphing they should now give enough time to get out of danger before they attack and still be a dangerous force to deal with!
  • Rigged Totems chance buff decreased from +25% chance to +10% chance (as it was very easy to break totems)
  • Regenerator heal amount doubled and max duration increased from 30 to 45 seconds
  • Mace Shot cooldown reduced from 6 seconds to 4 seconds and mace projectiles bounce less while also not expiring when hitting enemies so this mod should be much more useful in general
  • Grub slam explosion attack radius has been reduced to make the hitbox feel more fair
  • Combo is no longer lost when opening Spiked Chests, using damaging totems or falling off the map
  • High Roller will no longer remove Key Chests even if other reward chests are removed
  • Added a new “Weapon Effects” graphics setting option which allows you to turn bullet FX and trails down to “Minimal” for better performance and clarity especially in late game runs on lower end machines!
  • Camera Shake (from explosions) can now be turned off in the settings menu
  • Totems that drop loot now spread loot over a wider area to prevent loot overlapping and being harder to pick up a specific drop if multiple have dropped in the same location
  • Autosaves now save the island reward type, challenge modifier, blessing and combo when continuing runs

So, will you use any of the new perks once they pop up in Crab Champions?

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