Crab Champions: Update 2 Reworks Combo System, Applies QoL Improvements

Crab Champions
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Crab Champions is a fun fast-paced, third-person shooter where movement and precision are two important keys to victory. You will play as a crab that’s able to wield guns and other weapons to defeat enemies. It also features a combo system with perks that give you additional bonuses when you can sustain a combo for a very long time.

Speaking of combos, Crab Champions developer Noisestorm Limited recently launched Update 2 which reworked the combo system. Now, the combo starts off at 1.0x and increases depending on how many enemies you’ve eliminated without getting hit. Here are the combo thresholds you need to be aware of:

  • Increases to 2.0x after eliminating 25 enemies without getting hit.
  • Increases to 3.0x after eliminating 100 enemies without getting hit.
  • Increases to 4.0x after eliminating 250 enemies without getting hit.
  • Increases to 5.0x after eliminating 500 enemies without getting hit.

If you like the challenge of not getting hit, Update 2 also included perks that encourage such playstyle, rewarding you with bonuses to help you keep going. For example, the new Damage Combo perk increases your damage depending on your current combo. Here are the other perks:

  • Added new perk: Crystal Combo: Enemies drop more crystals depending on your current combo.
  • Added new perk: Healthy Combo: Heal when increasing your combo.
  • Added physics crowns to parkour islands…

This patch implemented quality-of-life improvements as well. For instance, the company has fixed the lightning visual effects because they were apparently too bright for most people. If you have a Steam Deck, the game now supports the console’s native resolution, ensuring that you get the best possible viewing experience even on a small screen.


  • Added new enemy: Blocker Skull
  • Added new Tropical island
  • Orb Launcher damage increased from 30 to 35
  • Launcher Crabs now only fire 2 projectiles instead of 3 and also have more telegraphing before they are about to fire
  • Playing With Power has been removed from the loot pool for now as it was causing a lot of accidental deaths. I’ll look into improving and reworking it in the future
  • Added anti-softlock measures for enemies stuck in weird places on the islands that prevented being able to progress
  • Toned back various bullet trail FX that made it hard to see when doing late game runs, this should also improve performance
  • Touched up some of the more work in progress island visuals (like the one with all the vertical pillars)
  • Improved hitboxes on many assets including trees and chests that you could get stuck in
  • Fixed various spawn points that could make chests spawn on trees or rocks as well as some player spawn points that needed adjusting
  • You can now no longer take damage from lava on Shop islands
  • Homing Thorns are now red to not confuse them with the harmless crystal pickups that fly to the player

Crab Champions Update 2 is available on PC.

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