Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Map Changes and Controller Interface Improvements

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Valve

Update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is here, and it makes several changes to four maps - Climb, Crete, Iris, and Vineyard. Make sure to check out the changes before going into public games and experiencing them for the first time.

The Climb is a map created by the community for the Hostage Rescue mode. In this update, the map has received tons of changes. As its name suggests, the main feature is the climb, and it has been completely remade to improve the models and performance. Not only did the update focus on graphical improvements, but it also added ropes near the climbing walls that players can use to move around.

There is some exciting news for players who prefer to use controllers. Developers improved the navigation in the Buy Menu to let players purchase items faster and get to their position. Getting used to the new navigation changes might take a while. What you want to do is make sure you don’t click the left trigger accidentally, as it will drop your weapon which other players can pick up. This is the dedicated trigger for donating.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update

  • Lowered extinguishers and railings in the blue section stairs
  • Various minor details added
  • Clipping improvements
  • Added Nut
  • Added barrels to disrupt existing data
  • Added grenade clips on restaurant ceiling to avoid weird grenades
  • Adjusted spawns slightly
  • Removed screwdriver that could be mistaken for a dropped weapon in the drop room
  • Added vphysics clip on the main hall floor to prevent it from swallowing guns
  • Fixed lighting on the lobby pillar
  • Fixed broken deathmatch spawn
  • Fixed floating objects
  • Fixed some spelling errors
  • Added new artwork to side alley.
  • Fixed incorrect roof material.
  • Moved crates clipping through each other.
  • Fixed pixel walk.
  • Various clipping improvements.
  • Improved clipping on car near Tunnel, fixed curbs near Diner, and added grenade clips on the fence behind Diner
  • Fixed spots where molotovs could damage players through walls
  • Fixed bomb stuck spots, floating props, and some props fading too soon
  • Minor visual changes around the map
  • Added inconspicuous detail
  • Fixed a regression in Village that could be used to get out of bounds
  • Greatly reduced the number of small displacements across the map to further increase game stability
  • Changed windows in Fort
  • Fixed a spot near the river where you could previously get stuck in

You can read more about the update here.

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