Corpse Mansion: Update 1.2.6 Introduces the Gas Mask; Concludes Chapter 2

Corpse Mansion
Corpse Mansion Fundthemental Games

Corpse Mansion is a 2D open-world, action-horror survival game where you play as Cole Woods - a police officer who embarks on a mission to help a friend find her lost father. Her father was in the middle of investigating an infectious disease that turns people into flesh-eating corpses. Set in Hell City, those who will play this game must prepare themselves as they could encounter the undead.

The latest Update 1.2.6 introduces the Gas Mask - an item necessary to complete the remaining missions in Chapter 2. The Gas Mask can also be used as a tool to help you go to hidden areas that will be added in the future.

According to the developers at Fundthemental Games, Chapter 3 is currently being developed. If you complete Chapter 2, there are still some side missions that you can take in the meantime. Several new blueprints and gun parts have been added as well.

Another notable addition worth mentioning is the Safehouse, which can be yours by completing the “Unwanted Guests” side mission. The Safehouse not only has containers for storing your items, but it also comes with a workbench to customize your guns. Furthermore, those who play on Survival and Hardcore difficulties can save their progress here at any time.

Update Highlights

  • Added several new steam achievements to the game
  • Added all new Gas Mask version graphics of Cole to the game folder to prepare for gas mask integration
  • Preloaded all of Coles animations for Normal Cole and Gas Mask Version Cole to help with a smoother gameplay
  • Removed Unnecessary notifications for when you get achievements through steam to unclog the notifications system
  • Added new sound effect for when successfully creating ammo
  • Added "Working the Bench" extra mission to help inform players of the possibilities with Gun-Smithing
  • Added small flashback cutscene to the game of Elena and her Father
  • Fixed a bug where the game displayed Cole's name instead of Elena's at "The Grand Marinette"
  • Fixed a major bug where Cole remained transparent at the beginning of the game
  • Fixed hotkey weapon duplication glitch
  • Fixed a bug where you could potentially lose items when trying to withdraw from a container when the inventory is full
  • Fixed a bug where you could buy items with no more space in the inventory

Corpse Mansion Update 1.2.6 is available on PC.

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