Contagion Update Big Changes on Zombies with Riot Helmets

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Contagion developer, Monochrome, recently released a new update that added new features and fixed some of the known issues.

Zombies with riot helmets can be now insta-killed with items, such as knives, axes, and machetes. If you use bats, don't expect to kill them right away since the weapon will only damage the riot helmets. If you use sledgehammers, the helmets will break. These changes make it more challenging to kill zombies.

Contagion Update


  • Added audio bus VolumeMusicCustom (You can find the new wise example project under contagion_sdk)
  • Added support for custom music tracks using its own audio bus
  • Added support for custom weapon sounds
  • Added new entity, prop_car_alarm
  • Added and finalized the sounds for weapon_handcannon.
  • Updated survive killcam not being in use
  • Stealth kill icon no longer bugged for riots:
  • You can stealth kill riots with a sledgehammer only if they got a helmet (if you break it, any melee can stealth kill)
  • Fixed where Angelscript plugins and/or map scripts failed to load from VPK files (or packaged .bsp files)
  • Fixed IED having a faulty flashlight


  • Updated Hammer FGD, icons, and tools textures (They no longer use LOD within Hammer Editor)
  • Updated Hammer Editor
  • Fixed where the picker tool did not grab the depth in the 3D space (it just returned the most negative value possible)
  • Added "Check for missing textures" under "Check for Problems." This will only check for missing textures on the map.
  • Added "Enable Error File Writing." This allows Hammer to write a .html file where the VMF is located if it finds any issues from "Check for Problems" or "Check for missing textures."
  • Added "Reload Models..." (CTRL+SHIFT+H) under "Tools" dropdown. This forces all models within Hammer to forcefully reload. Useful if you updated the model and/or texture.


  • Updated ce_roanokepd
  • Added escape music, and 2 cut tracks (Cellblock and Lurking)
  • Added 2 angry cars in the garage (car alarms), try not to shoot em
  • Updated the layout to allow for more randomization, and more replayability
  • Updated weapon_extinguisher spawns (now it has a proper metal box, or what you wanna call it)
  • Fixed where you could get stuck in the garage on the police bikes
  • Updated ce_barlowesquare
  • Added escape music
  • Updated ce_campwhitner
  • Added a few prop_car_alarm entities

You can read more about the update here.

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