'Conan Exiles' Now Has Steam Workshop Support; Sold 320K In First Week

Conan Exiles
Conan Exiles Photo: Funcom

Conan Exiles saw strong support from the Steam community during its first week in Early Access, Funcom confirmed on Friday morning, selling more than 300,000 copies in just seven days. And the studio is celebrating that news with the release of a new tool kit for would-be Conan Exiles modders, which hooks into the Steam Workshop.

Conan Exiles actually crossed the 320K mark, if you want to get specific, rocketing to the top of Steam’s Top Sellers chart within hours of its Steam Early Access debut. It’s still getting mixed (but mostly positive) reviews, with some lamenting the lack of content currently in the game and others fond of Funcom’s semi-populated world, but there’s little doubt Conan Exiles will be able to compete against other popular survival games like H1Z1: King of the Kill or ARK: Survival Evolved. Conan Exiles actually has more in common with ARK than you might think.

To ensure there’s no shortage of content for Conan Exiles fans to enjoy, while the studio works on its own contributions to the game, Funcom published an official Conan Exiles Dev Kit on Friday. The toolkit gives players the power to create just about anything they can imagine, from small quality of life improvements to “total conversion mods” with unique creatures and world maps. Those interested in the Conan Exiles Dev Kit need to download the Unreal Engine, since there’s currently no standalone version, and then install the dev kit via the Unreal Launcher.

Conan Exiles is currently available in Steam Early Access. The game is expected to hit the Xbox One Game Preview program later this year.

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