Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah Update Coming to Consoles May 27

Get to explore new areas.
Get to explore new areas. Funcom

The Isle of Siptah expansion is finally arriving in the console versions of Conan Exiles. One of the new additions to the game is the new religion which allows players to summon, and even control, an avatar of the spider-god Zath. The expansion will be available on PlayStation and Xbox on May 27.

Welcome to the Isle

As the name implies, the Isle of Siptah offers players a new island to explore, and it won’t be empty since there’s a lot of new creatures to defeat. The most dangerous opponent, however, is the other castaways.

For this expansion, players have been shipwrecked to the island left with scraps to craft tools to survive. They can start from something as small as a simple camp using a stone ax and all the way to building a fortress and greatswords made of hardened steel.

All is not well since a dark tower stands tall at the heart of the island. In addition, there are violent storms that always remain near the tower.

New Factions

Making things difficult are three new NPC factions that arrived on the island. Each one is planning to conquer the island for their own reasons. Over in the west lies the Black Corsairs that have built strongholds for their raiding parties. To the east are the Stygian Mercenaries that have started rebuilding their colony of old. Finally, near the tower are the Accursed, demented souls that threaten to cover the whole island in darkness.

New Content

Below are some of the new content introduced in this new expansion:

  • New Map
    • Get to explore the Isle of Siptah and see the ancient ruins while meeting new creatures.
  • ​New Dungeon Type
    • In the past, the elder races created the Vaults. Inside are horrible creatures, ancient puzzles, and of course, interesting loot.
  • ​New Features
    • The Maelstrom
      • This massive storm swirls around the center of the island and spawns monsters from its outer void.
    • Surges of Sorcery
      • Forbidden magic is coming out of the Tower with humans, and even other creatures, suddenly appearing.
  • New Rhino Mount
    • Get into the fight and beat your enemies while riding the rhino mount.
  • New Building Sets
    • Be able to construct buildings, from a small home to a large city.

Learn more about the new expansion here.

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