Conan Exiles First Chapter of the Age of War Now Live

Conan Exiles Age of War Chapter 1 Steam/Funcom

The latest update of Conan Exiles is now live and oh boy, is it a big one? Almost every aspect of the game is touched upon and a ton of new content has been added. What's interesting is that it's only the first chapter of the Age of War, meaning even more content is on the way via second and third chapters.

Chapter One brings significant combat improvements. The stamina costs have been revised to improve the flow of combat, and a new item repair system has been added. Tweaks to how stuns work are made as well.

Players can now embark on a quest to collect treasures from the land and proudly show them off as one-of-a-kind trophies in their bases. Clan Emblems that let players unify their clans are added as well. Additional details are mentioned below.

New Additions

  • Clan Emblems let you unify your clan under a custom symbol to face the enemies without. Choose from several symbols and backgrounds and display them proudly on banners, shields, armor and more!
    • New work station: Clan Totems
      • Totems with cultural themes
      • Used to combine images and colors to make an emblem to represent your clan
      • Shows your clans current emblem on the totem
      • Clan emblems are displayed on clan armor, shields, banners, etc.
      • Requires permissions in clan to edit emblem
    • Emblems appear on bespoke assets:
      • Wall Banners
      • Carpets
      • Flag Banners
      • Shields
      • Horse caparison
  • Clan Hoards are a new feature for you to find treasure, bring it home, and display it at your base.
    • Place any treasure placeables within the coffers radius to contribute to the personal hoard and the clan hoards totals. Treasures can also be placed directly in the chest next to the Treasurer NPC. Interact with the Treasurer NPC to check the hoard values.
    • Heroic Treasures are special treasures found in the world that have to be carried home. You must make your way back to the base while carrying the treasure, it will not be added to your inventory.
  • New challenges are implemented:
    • Apply a Clan Emblem
    • Build a Coffer
    • Place 3 Small Treasures
    • Claim a Heroic Treasure
    • Contribute to a Coffer value over 1000
    • Contribute to a Coffer value over 5000
    • Contribute to a Coffer value over 10000
  • New Age of War Chapter 1 Battle Pass including new pets, armor, emotes, and more! Rewards are focused on Stygian and Nordheimer lore – including the new Stygian War Tent Set and Nordheimer and Stygian armors.
    • New functionality: horse caparisons, emblems, weapon emotes
  • New Age of War Chapter 1 Bazaar items, including new pets, armor, emotes, and more!
    • New functionality: horse caparisons, emblems, weapon emotes
  • New Twitch Drops starting with Midnight Caparison. Follow our social media channels for more info on when these drop campaigns start!

You can read the complete patch notes on the official site.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing Conan Exiles recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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