Company of Heroes: Update 1.1.4 Massively Improves Mobile Anti-tank Guns and HMG

Update 1.1.4
Update 1.1.4 Steam

Relic Entertainment just deployed the first major balancing patch for Company of Heroes 3, now available on Steam. Update 1.1.4 brought massive improvements to certain units, including mobile anti-tank guns and the HMG team.

Mobile anti-tank guns in Company of Heroes 3 got improved across the board to make them more reliable, especially during heated battles. Their long-range accuracy, for example, is increased by 7%. On top of that, the time it takes for these units to aim at enemies is reduced drastically from 0.5 to just 0.125 seconds.

Additionally, Relic Entertainment wants to emphasize the HMG’s (mobile heavy machine gun) role as an anti-infantry unit. That’s why the company also buffed certain aspects of the HMG. For one, this unit now moves slightly faster because of the increase in its horizontal traverse speed from 35 to 50.

Moreover, suppression recovery now takes three seconds longer. This means that the enemy infantry unit that’s been fired at by the HMG will require a few seconds more before they can fight effectively again.

While the above-mentioned units have enjoyed a plethora of enhancements, the same cannot be said for snipers. Snipers now require spotters to be effective at taking out targets. Besides that, weapon cooldown has increased from 3.5 to 3.75/3.825 seconds. As a result, snipers will shoot noticeably slower now.

General Gameplay Changes
  • Anti-Tank Rifles
    • Afrikakorps Panzerjager Panzerbusche & British Corps Infantry Section Boys Anti-Tank Rifles
      • Range decreased from 40 to 35
      • Weapon cooldown modifier when suppressed increased by +50%
  • Auto-Reverse Distance
    • The distance a player can now right-click to issue an automatic auto-reverse command without using the auto-reverse ability has been set from 20 to 60
    • Note: Auto-reverse distance is being increased to reduce how often a player needs to use the Reverse ability and make it easier to back vehicles up during the heat of battle.
  • Barbed Wire
    • Armor increased from 1 to 10
  • Bunkers
    • Wehrmacht Bunkers & Afrikakorps Heavy Machine Gun Bunker
      • Build times standardized to 20 seconds
  • Button Abilities
    • Flak 30 AA Gun, M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage & M1919 Heavy Machine Gun Team
      • Button no longer disables weapons
      • Button now reduces sight by 50% and speed by 25%; speed penalty is increased to 50% on penetrating hits
      • Duration set to 15 seconds
      • Indicator now added when the ability is active
      • Recharge time standardized to 120 seconds
  • Forward Reinforcement TImes
    • Reinforcement time of in-combat units located +45m away from the HQ increased by +100% for a total of +200%
    • Reinforcement time of units located +45m away from the HQ increased by +100%

Company of Heroes Update 1.14 is available on PC.

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