Combat Racing Game PACER Dated For A September 17 Launch On Consoles And PC

Due out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Steam.
Developer R8 Games has announced a September 17 release date for PACER, a combat racing game for consoles and PC.
Developer R8 Games has announced a September 17 release date for PACER, a combat racing game for consoles and PC. R8 Games

Developer R8 Games has just announced that it will soon be launching its self-published anti-gravity combat racing game PACER for multiple platforms this coming September 17. Dubbing its game as “the fastest and most explosive game of its kind,” PACER is set to include multiple game modes such as its single player campaign, online multiplayer, and a battle royale-inspired mode which is intriguingly titled ‘Storm’.

The short description on PACER's Steam page details the game’s backstory: Set in the year 2075, the titular PACER World Championship has become the new apex of anti-gravity motorsport with its high-speed and high-stakes racing taking place across the world’s most challenging and dangerous tracks. Corporations all over the world put their very own expert pilots against each other in a battle of skill, technical prowess, and ‘nads of steel for the sole goal of winning the championship and achieving ultimate victory.

The game’s announcement also came with a reveal trailer showcasing gameplay and some of PACER's features. Players basically race on roller-coaster tracks disguised as racing circuits while piloting vehicles called Crafts. These Crafts are sort of a mix between streamlined spaceships and hover cars. Crafts are classified through the game’s four speed classes, which range from speeds of 400km/h to 1000km/h. There are currently five Crafts in PACER that can be customized to improve both looks and performance, such as tweaking its engine, braking, handling, anti-gravity, and defense systems. Being a combat racing game, a variety of weapons are also available which can also be tweaked to change their behaviors, functions, and more.

As for its game modes, players can go through the game’s single player campaign, which will take them on a journey from being a trainee pilot up until they become the PACER world champion. There are also multiplayer modes, which include Elimination, Endurance, and PACER's very own unique modes called ‘Flowmentum’ and ‘Storm’. There is a total of 14 tracks in the game, each with their own variants (Nighttime, Mirrored, Reverse) to maximize playability.

PACER is set to launch for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam on September 17.

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