Clash Royale October Update Release Date: New Touchdown Mode, Quests & Rewards Revealed

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Clash Royale’s October 2017 update release is just around the corner. Find out everything we know so far about the update, including details on the new Touchdown game mode and quests, here. Player.One

It’s been a long dry summer for Clash Royale fans as they’ve eagerly awaited news of the game’s next major update. While earlier in the year we were given a vague “October” release date, little more was revealed. In the last week, however, there has been quite a bit of activity from the Supercell team and it appears that the Clash Royale  October 2017 update may be right around the corner. Just hours ago, Radio Royale hosts, Dave, Cip and Bangs posted a new podcast sharing details and sneak peeks on everything the October Clash Royale update will entail, including an in-depth discussion of the newest Touchdown game mode. Below we’ve fleshed out all the update details discussed and will continue to add to the post as more sneak peeks are revealed.

When Is Clash Royale October 2017 Update Releasing?

Though an actual release date for the October 2017  Clash Royale update hasn’t been given, the first official Sneak Peek appeared on Twitter just 2 hours ago. If the team follows the same pattern as they have with past releases, we can probably expect to see the new update dropped within the next week. As more information is learned, we’ll continue to update this post. In the meantime, check out the what’s coming.

Clash Royale October Release Date Sneak Peeks: New Game Modes, Quests, Challenges And More

clash, royale, October, 2017, update, release, date, when, touchdown, mode, sneak, peeks, quests, rewards, new, cards, supercell
Touchdown is a new game mode coming to Clash Royale in the October 2017 update. Photo: Player.One

Clash Royale October Update Feature #1: New Touchdown Mode

Last Fall, Supercell turned our worlds upside down with the introduction of a 2v2 mode, but this year the team is thinking all the way out of the box as it introduces a brand new game mode called Touchdown. If your head immediately goes to American Football when you hear the word “Touchdown” then you’re on the right track. In Touchdown mode, 2v2 teams face off in a battle to make their way across the touchdown line on the opposing team’s side of the field. In Touchdown mode, the Clash Royale field has been stripped down quite a bit so that there are no towers and no lakes or bridges to cross. Just a wide open field. The goal behind Touchdown mode is simple: get troops across the Touchdown line. If a troop manages to make it across, your team will be awarded a point/crown and the field resets itself. Score three points/crowns before the time runs out and you win. As with the standard game mode, if time runs out with the teams tied, you’ll run into overtime until one team scores another point. The new Touchdown game mode somewhat mirrors a game mode the company introduced in Brawl Stars last month called Brawl Stars. It’s interesting to see how the game mode plays our differently in each of these Supercell games.

According to Dave, the Touchdown game mode will initially only be available as 2v2, with a possibility of adding a 1v1 mode later. “We tried 1v1 but it’s a very different kind of feeling in the game because of so few units,” said Dave. “We might come back to 1v1 but for now it will be exclusively 2v2.”

In order to keep gameplay fun, some changes had to be implemented for certain characters in Touchdown mode. “The miner, for example,” said Cip, “equaled instant win so we had to make a few changes.”

In Touchdown, characters like the Miner or Goblin Barrel still maintain the ability to be thrust across a field, but their abilities have been restricted so that they can only be launched as far as the center of the playing field. “This gives them some of their advantage but they don’t completely ruin the game,” said Cip.

Clash Royale October Update Feature #2: New Challenge Modes

According to the team, there will be some new ways of participating in challenges which they hope will make them more enjoyable for all. Among these changes are the introduction of casual and multi-stage challenges.

“One of the negative side effects of challenges,” said Bangs, “Is that if you don’t get to 12 wins, you kind of feel like you’ve lost ... so we wanted to make challenges a bit more of a positive experience.”

In order to do this the next update will implement causal challenges that allow players to play as much as they want without being penalized for losses. In the current challenge mode, if you lost three battles, the challenge ends. With the causal challenges though, you just keep playing till you reach 12 wins in order to receive all the rewards.

With the implementation of causal challenges, Bangs also indicated that multi-stage challenges are on their way as well. Multi-stage challenges add a kind of depth to challenge gameplay in that one challenge may unlock the ability to participate in the next. For example, if you complete a casual challenge, you then unlock a “Pro Challenge” where losses do count. Multi-Stage challenges offer a lot of benefits from increased rewards to opportunities to practice and become comfortable with a particular challenge before being thrown into a Pro Challenge.

With 2v2 challenges players will also have the ability to invite not only guildmates but also other friends to play alongside them. This added feature could give players the ability to build a true dream team for the challenge and shows Supercell’s ongoing commitment to engaging more players in real life and online.

Clash Royale October Update Feature #3: New Quest, Chest And 1v1 Rewards
clash, royale, October, 2017, update, release, date, when, touchdown, mode, sneak, peeks, quests, rewards, new, cards, supercell
Quests are finally making their way into Clash Royale in the October 2017 update, with chances to win epic, magical and super magical chests for completing them. Photo: Supercell

New 1v1 Rewards - Rewards are getting a total makeover in the October update, starting with 1v1 rewards. “Currently, the same prize is available in 1v1 and 2v2 modes” said Banks” which removes the incentive to play in 1v1 mode.”

In order to get more people playing 1v1 again, the team is changing the rewards system by introducing special  Gold Rush and Gem Rush events, exclusive to 1v1 gameplay. When these events are running, 1v1 players will receive either gold or gems for every tower they take down during a battle, regardless of it they win or lose.

Quests - New incentives for playing 1v1 aren’t all the new rewards we’ll see. In addition, Quests will finally make their way into the game. By completing quests, players will have the opportunity to win Magical, Super Magical and Epic chests. New quests will appear each day and while the team will introduce 100 quests in the initial release, more are being planned and will be added in later updates.

Disappearing Free Chest - One downside to the addition of quests, however, is that players will see the two free golden chests they were receiving daily, disappear. Though some free chests will make their appearance from time to time in the store, the regular daily offering will no longer be present. Removing these chests and adding daily quests makes gaining rewards a much more active process, requiring regular participation in the game, which is Supercell’s ultimate goal.

Clash Royale October Update Feature #4: Secret Card Releases

clash, royale, October, 2017, update, release, date, when, touchdown, mode, sneak, peeks, quests, rewards, new, cards, supercell
New card releases will be a surprise once again, with Clash Royale's new system. Photo: Player.One

Due to the way the system was set up, in the past new Clash Royale cards had to be placed into the game code ahead of their actual releases. This meant savvy players could dig through the code and find the artwork and other details about the new cards well ahead of their releases. According to Bangs, however, the system has finally been changed so that upcoming cards can no longer be found in the code ahead of the release. This will allow Supercell to keep more of an air of intrigue around new card releases, and surprise players with new character sneak peeks closer to their actual release. While there was no indication that new characters will be released with the October update, with this new system in place, it’s possible we could be in for a surprise there as well.


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