Clash Royale January 2018 Balance Changes: 10 Cards Get Buffs & Nerfs Plus Leaks On Next Update

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Supercell has leaked 10 balance changes coming to Clash Royale January 24, 2018! Find out every card Supercell will buff or nerf this month along with new cards and updates coming later this year. SUPERCELL

Supercell has leaked 10 balance changes coming to Clash Royale January 24, 2018! Find out every card Supercell will buff or nerf this month along with leaks on new cards and updates coming later this year.


UPDATE 10:30 AM EST: Clash Royale January 2018 Balance Changes Announced

Moments after publishing our original article, Supercell went live with the upcoming balance changes scheduled to release Wednesday, January 24, 2018. These changes will bring buffs and nerfs to ten different cards. They are as follows:

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Clash Royale's next balance update will release January 24, 2018 and will bring buffs and nerfs to nine game cards. Photo: Player.One

Cards Getting Nerfed

  • Royal Ghost: Damage -6%; Invisibility delay 0.7sec → 1.2 sec; Hit Speed 1.7sec → 1.8sec
  • Hunter: Range decreased from 5 to 4; Bullet spread slightly smaller (projectile range remains at 6.5)
  • Bats: Hit Speed decreased from 1 seconds to 1.1 seconds
  • Goblin Hut: Spawn Speed decreased from 4.9 seconds to 5 seconds resulting in one less spawn in total


Cards Getting Buffed

  • Zappies: Targets Ground and Air
  • Night Witch: Initial Bats spawn quicker
  • Lava Hound: Hitpoints +5%
  • Mini P.E.K.K.A: Hitpoints +7%
  • Lumberjack: Hitpoints +7%
  • Mortar: Minimum Range reduced from 4.5 to 3.5



Clash Royale fans are sitting on pins and needles this morning as Monday, Supercell announced that the January 2018 balance changes were on their way, with more information coming Tuesday.

Tuesday is here and so far we haven’t seen a balance change announcement release yet, but as soon as one goes live we’ll be updating this post. In the meantime, we’ve pulled together all the relevant rumors and confirmed details we have so far on which Clash Royale cards are getting buffed and nerfed in the January 2018 update. We’ve also included information leaked concerning the next major update, expected this March. Check it out below and be sure to come back later when the balance changes announcement goes live.

Clash Royale January 2018 Balance Changes: Everything Supercell Announced So Far

Last week, Supercell’s “Tim” appeared on the official Clash Royale Discord server and dropped some hints about the changes coming to Clash Royale over the next few months - including details of upcoming balance changes. Here’s everything he shared:

Confirmed Nerfs

Royale Ghost - Clash Royale confirmed that the Royale Ghost will be receiving a nerf this month. No information has been given on what the nerf will be, though several popular YouTubers feel his invisibility needs tweaking.

Bats - this card is also getting a nerf. Some speculate the number might decrease from 5 to 4.

Confirmed Buffs

Zappies - these are getting a buff because they receive almost no play. No details have been given but we’d personally love to see them gain the ability to target air and ground, similar to fire spirits.

Hunter - another new card, released last month alongside the Zappies, the Hunter is in need of a buff to increase his usage.

Other Changes Coming To Clash Royale March 2018 Update

In addition to discussing a few of the characters getting buffed or nerfed in January’s balance changes, Tim also discussed some things we can be looking for in future updates, the next due in March.

Update Leak #1 - New Heroes And Cards Are Coming To Clash Royale

Three weeks ago DarkWolfGaming9 leaked on Reddit information he discovered via old game files that pointed to Supercell working on Heroes for the game. This information was confirmed in Tim’s Discord discussion, though a time frame for their release is unknown. There has been rumor that we’ll see two new cards released in the March update which may may be the heroes Supercell is planning. The same hero-leaking document lists two heroes, dubbed King Of Barbarians and Queen of Archers. Here is a little information on what heroes will be like in Clash Royale or you can read a more detailed write up, here .

  • Heroes will have abilities

  • Abilities cannot be copied via Mirror.

  • Heroes have 10 levels

  • Heroes will not become available until the 10th arena.

Besides these hero cards, Tim did mention a couple other cards in the works. A Magic Barrel card is definitely coming while a Sneaky Archer card is currently being tested.

Update Leak #2 - Penalties For Abandoning 2v2 Matches

There is nothing worse than going into a 2v2 battle and having your partner suddenly go AFK. For that reason the team is working on a penalty to players who abandon 2v2 matches. No release timeframe was given for this feature.

Update Leak #3 - Clan Updates

Clans are becoming a bigger part of Clash Royale in future updates as more Clan activities are in the works. Additionally, Clan leaders will gain the ability to send players they kick or reject a message to explain the decision.

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