Clash Quest “Island” Update Adds QoL Improvements

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Clash Quest is a turn-based tactical puzzle RPG developed by the makers of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. It just received the Island update that added a ton of quality of life improvements.

Major Improvements

The Island update introduces several notable changes. First, clan members can now be sorted using different filters found in the Clan Members tab. Secondly, you can now see who’s currently online in your clan with a newly added indicator.

If you were kicked out of your clan and you want to rejoin, there is a cooldown timer for how long before you can join again.

Another notable improvement is that all bosses have their HP scaled down by 15%. This makes them a bit easier to take down now.

Also, finding random Magic Items will no longer show up as a crate. They are now presented as a Magic Item pouch. This helps avoid the confusion where people would think that they’ve acquired a Magic Item instead of troops, spells, or equipment.

Update Highlights

  • Clans
    • Clan League attack log: Clan Leagues now keep track of how many attacks players have done during the season
    • Bonus points from Dungeon challenges have been reduced by 35%
    • Single-stage points have been increased by 25%
    • Clan Challenge end screens now have different texts than the single-player stages
    • The Clan Challenge type is now shown with an icon on the Clan Map
  • Items have had some of their descriptions rewritten to be easier to understand
  • When clearing a region, the chest at the end of the region will indicate whether not it's just regular loot or an item/troop crate
  • All fire effects from troops will last until the target is destroyed instead of a limited number of turns
  • All fire effects have a 50% chance to spread to other enemies/defenses
  • Bomb Miner's Fire Bomb now has a 100% chance to apply Fire
  • Bomber's attacks did not scale consistently and have been rebalanced to increase by 15% per level
  • PEKKA's Defensive Blade will no longer yield extra gold
  • Fixed minion explosive gloves doing wrong damage
  • 4x speed retreat causing troops to not animate
  • Fixed Charge and Rush not causing Bomb Miner's bomb to explode
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when opening the game from a Clan deeplink

Clash Quest Island update is now available on Android and iOS.

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