‘Clash Of Clans’ Winter Update Sneak Peeks: Town Hall 11 Attack, Balance Changes Plus 'Clashmas' Gifts Announced

clash of clans blog sneak peeks winter update 2016 pekka balance changes town hall 11 clashmas gifts attack levels
Supercell has begun its first round of Clash of Clans winter update sneak peaks with a focus on TH 11. Find out all the attack level and balancing changes coming to the update along with other cool feature to look forward to, here. Supercell

Supercell's official blog has released its first set of Winter Update sneak peeks including balance changes for troops and Town Hall 11 attack levels. Find out everything that’s been revealed so far, here.


On the heels of the latest Clash Royale updates, Supercell has begun dropping sneak peeks about the upcoming Clash of Clans Winter 2016 update. While there have been plenty of rumors about the new update, the first set of sneak peeks addresses gameplay in Town Hall 11, while also previewing upcoming balance changes that will affect four different troops and one spell. Additionally, the update will bring discounts for seven different game amenities like troops, spells and defensive structures.

Below we’ve compiled everything that’s been leaked or revealed so far concerning the next Clash of Clans update. As more features are revealed, we’ll be sure to update this post.

Clash of Clans Winter Update Sneak Peek #1

 clash of clans sneak peeks winter update 2016 pekka balance changes town hall 11 clashmas gifts attack levels
Tons of changes are coming to Town Hall 11 in the Clash of Clans Winter 2016 update. Check out all the sneak peeks Supercell has revealed so far. Photo: Supercell

Balance Changes Coming To Pekka, Witch Balloons and More

According to Supercell, this round of Clash of Clans updates is all about “bolstering and distinguishing” Town Hall 11 attacks and gameplay, and so the company making changes to the following troops and spells’ attack levels in TH11:

  • Barbarian King levels 41-45
  • Archer Queen levels 41-45
  • Clan Castle level 7 – this one is particularly helpful in that it allows donation of larger Spells like Rage and Freeze.
  • Golem level 6
  • Hog Rider level 7
  • Poison Spell level 5
  • Wall level 12
  • Wizard Tower level 10 at TH 11 -- level 9 becomes available now at TH 10

Balance Changes And Upgrade Discounts

A few of the Clash of Clans troops have been operating a bit sluggishly, says Supercell. Therefore, the following balancing changes will be added to make them a bit more snappy:

  • Witch – damage and hitpoints increase
  • Dragon – attack speed increase but DPS remains the same
  • Pekka – attack speed is increased but DPS remains the same
  • Poison Spell – radius slightly increased.

Players will also see some discounts for upgrading the following troops, spells or defensive structures:

  • Barbarian King levels 31-40
  • Archer Queen levels 26-40
  • Wall levels 10-11
  • Wizard Tower levels 3-9
  • Clan Castle levels 5-6
  • Hog Rider (all levels)
  • Golem (all levels)

Friendly Wars Time Changes, Events Tab, Clashmas Gifts And Other Clash of Clans Winter Updates Announced

 clash of clans sneak peeks winter update 2016 pekka balance changes town hall 11 clashmas gifts attack levels
According to Supercell's Clash of Clans update sneak peeks, Clashmas gifts are another exciting feature coming to the Winter 2016 update. Photo: Supercell
  • 15 minute and 30 min30-minutens for Friendly War challenges
  • Clan Mail cooldown reduced from 12 hours to 1 hour
  • New Events button/tab with hints that in-game special events will become a regular feature.
  • Clashmas gifts are coming but have yet to be revealed.
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