Clash Of Clans’ Next Update To Add 5v5 Clan Wars Size & AI Tweaks

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Clash Of Clans' next maintenance break adds 5v5 Clan Wars along with a reversal of disliked troop AI. These bite-sized battles aren't just Friendly Challenges anymore. Clash Of Clans is available on Android and iOS. Clash Of Clans

Clash Of Clans ’ next maintenance break will bring significant changes to Clan Wars and troop AI. New match sizes will be allowed, and unpopular targeting tweaks will be reversed. Supercell revealed this information via in-game messages and official forum posts.

Starting with Clan Wars, the epic battle between two clans has a brand new size. In addition to ranging from 10v10 to 50v50, the 5v5 option that was previously exclusive to Friendly Challenges will now be accessible within the main War mode. Here’s Supercell’s official announcement on the matter:


“In the next maintenance, we’re excited to introduce a new Clan War size: 5v5 Clan Wars. Want to try an elite strike force of Town Hall 11s? Or perhaps test your mettle with five Town Hall 10s or any other interesting lineups? The 5v5 Clan War size lets you concentrate your attack force in pocket-sized wars!

“Not only does this new Clan War size give you more options in the wars you wage, it gives Clans greater flexibility for smaller Clans, or larger Clans who like to alternate War sizes each war! Keep in mind that, as usual, you'll be able to run only one War at a time.

“Additionally, the next maintenance will bring further matchmaking improvements to Clan Wars (including a slightly higher attack weight for the Grand Warden).”

That last bit relates to the ongoing matchmaking adjustments that have been in play with Clan Wars over the last few months. The intent is to limit use of engineered bases by adding numeric weights to certain troops, but the new system has also caused increased matchmaking delays. The concept is still in a state of flux , but the various troop weights are slowly coming into line.

Also on the docket is a complete reversal of new troop targeting AI mechanics put in place about a month ago. Instead of basing actions on three targets when on the other side of a wall, troops like the Golem were recently opened up to see five targets at once. This might sound like an improvement over the previous system, but the update routinely created situations where offenses would ignore the most critical targets in turn for a supplementary building on the side. It ultimately hurt skilled attacks that hinge on getting behind enemy lines by destroying specific structures.

Both the 5v5 Clan Wars size and troop AI adjustments are expected to go live across Android and iOS “in the next day or so” while the finishing touches are put in place.

Clash Of Clans is available now on Android and iOS.

What do you think of these Clan Wars and AI changes? Will they make Clash Of Clans a better game for bite-sized battles? Tell us in the comments section!

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