Clash Of Clans Spring 2019 Update: Season Challenges Coming

Season Challenges is coming to Clash Of Clans via the Spring 2019 update.
Season Challenges is coming to Clash Of Clans via the Spring 2019 update. Clash Of Clans/Facebook

Supercell is looking to keep Clash Of Clans players engaged with its Spring 2019 update. The update is said to introduce a number of changes to the in-game economy and overall gameplay. Here is everything about the upcoming update in a nutshell.

The Clash of Clans Spring update, which is set for a release in April, arrives alongside the release of Season Challenges. These challenges are quite similar to Clan Games, but they operate only on an individual participation rate. Basically, these are milestone goals that apply only to players individually.

The Season Challenges in Clash Of Clans arrive in two forms. The first one is daily, which refreshes with new challenges every day. The second one is monthly, witn new challenges unlocking every week. Players will see a button in the lower portion of the screen, which, when tapped, brings up a list of challenges that can be completed throughout the season.

Challenges can vary and include a variety of tasks such as deploying troops, collecting resources, and starting upgrades, among others. When players complete these challenges, they will be entitled to points. The more points a player accumulates, the more tiers they can unlock.

As for tiers of prizes, there are two: Silver and Gold. The former tier can be joined by everyone and is free. The tier also rewards players with resources and magic items, as well as access to the new feature called Season Bank. As the name suggests, Season Bank is resource storage exclusive to Seasonal Challenges.

Basically, as Clash Of Clans players perform attacks, the amount of resources they can loot is added to their Season Bank. As the season ends, the Silver tier then allows players to collect up to five million gold and elixir, including at least 50,000 dark elixir.

Lastly, there is the gold tier. Unlike the silver tier, this one is not free and costs $4.99 to access. However, it offers some really “crazy good rewards.” For starters, the gold tier gives players access to the full Season Bank, which is 250,000 dark elixir and 25 million gold and elixir. In addition, there is the one-gem donation for the entire season. Even more so, it gives boosts to all training/building times and costs.

Completing the entire reward track of the gold tier in Clash Of Clans automatically unlocks the exclusive monthly Hero skin. For the first month, the skin is the Gladiator King followed by the Barbarian King. To put it simply, a new exclusive skin will be available in the game for each new season.

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