Clanfolk Update 9: New Idea Points

Clanfolk Update 9
Clanfolk Update 9 Steam

Clanfolk received a major update focused on Idea Points, a new optional upgrade that aims to promote strategic planning. The highlights of the update are the generation of idea points and ideas panel upgrade.

Generating Idea Points

Players can generate Idea Points by completing tasks with an attached skill or that consume or produce a resource. Idea Points encourages job specialization because the higher the skill of the worker, the higher the Idea Point is generated. However, there are certain jobs that do not generate Idea Points. The bottom line is both the task and related skill contribute in the generation of these points.

Ideas Panel Upgrade

The Idea Points mode now shows a slightly different Ideas Panel. Players can see everything this time, including costs, to guide them on how to spend their Idea Points. A thought bubble on the Idea becomes golden when an Idea is available to notify players that this is unlockable with Idea Points.

Clanfolk Update 9

0.318 - Idea Points 1.0
  • Idea Points are generated ambiently by all Clanfolk based on their Mood, Time Off Status, and Age (Seniors are faster due to life experience).
  • Idea Points are not generated when sleeping or incapacitated.
  • All Ideas show up visibly in the Ideas Panel in this mode so you can plan your Idea Point spending into the future.
V0.324 - Idea Points System 3.0
  • Idea Points are generated based on Work, not based on being idle or waiting around.
  • This new systems fits in very well with the Idea's systems philosophy of Learning by Doing.
  • Idea Point XP is modified by the XP mult similar to the Skills XP. (See Mood Attribute XP Mult)
V0.325 - Idea Points System 4.0
  • The Tinkering Bench allows Clanfolk to improve their skills and also generate Idea Point XP at a resource cost.
  • The Tinkering Bench works only during time off by default (there is a toggle), but can also be set to be part of the normal daily schedule.
V0.326 - Idea Points 4.1
  • Added 3 low population Idea Points Bonus Afflictions "Hermit Brain" 3x, "Pioneer Spirit" 2x, "Musketeers" 1.5x.
  • Building/Gathering Tasks that do not require/consume resources like Dirt Paths, and Gathering Clay now reward Idea Points, but at a reduced rate (40%) vs other tasks.

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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