Chronicon: Update 1.32 Adds Improvements to Anomalies

Chronicon Steam

A new update for Chronicon is now available that adds improvements to the Anomalies. This update also lays the framework for the game’s newest DLC.

Chronicon is a 2D action RPG where you get to be one of the Heroes of Old and relive their glory days. The titular Chronicon is a magical device that opens a portal to the very souls of these heroes. You can choose between four unique classes: the Templar, Berserker, Warden, and Warlock. What’s more, the areas in the game are procedurally generated, meaning that you can expect dungeons to look different every time.

That said, Update 1.32 improves the Anomalies or the game’s randomly generated levels. So, what are the improvements? First, new rare modifiers are here to significantly increase the number of Shrines and chests that can spawn inside an Anomaly. Furthermore, butterflies and fairies have been added to give forest Anomalies a more mystical feel.

Here are the new Anomaly modifiers:

  • Gold Piles as breakables (extra currency)
  • Only Minions
  • Only King Slimes
  • Only Void Spawns
  • Mysterious Enemies (enemies from Act 2 secret "space forest" area)
  • All monsters gain "Crystal Hoarder," "Collector," or "Gem Hoarder" affixes
  • Lots of Chests
  • Lots of Shrines

The patch also sets the stage for the game’s latest Ancient Beasts DLC . The highlights include over 30 artifacts with new powers, a large new passive skill tree, and beasts that carry loot, among many others.


  • Interrupts now have diminishing returns when used rapidly and repeatedly vs the same target:
    • Each successful interrupt reduces the chance of the next to hit, however, the chance to hit is regenerating constantly while they are not being interrupted
    • The end result impact on gameplay should be pretty small, but it will allow enemies to get some attacks off rather than being completely interrupt-locked
  • The overhead health bar (can be toggled via the Settings menu) now also shows Staggered Damage, as the HUD health bar does
  • Holding (or toggling) "inspect all" now also shows item cards when hovering over the item name tags
  • Added a Health enchant to Elementium Armor (requires a fresh drop)
  • Added a CDR (cooldown reduction) enchant to Jon's Book of Souls (requires a fresh drop)
  • Bags will now be radially looted if they match the quality filter
  • All crafting materials have had their values manually adjusted. The more rare things are now worth a lot more, and the common things are worth less
  • Increased Crown drop rate from Story bosses (and Greater or Lesser Boss Anomalies)

Chronicon Update 1.32 is available on PC.

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